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Internet Association Weighs in on the Impact of Recent Supreme Court Cases in the Patent Arena

Washington, D.C. – The Internet Association submitted a letter for the record in today’s House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing examining recent Supreme Court cases in the patent arena. The letter highlights the debilitating impact patent trolls continue to have on businesses – large and small – and impresses upon Congress that recent Supreme Court rulings, while incrementally helpful, do not solve the problem of patent trolls for our economy.

From the letter:

“While each of these cases, and some other developments outside of Congress, brought about incremental changes to patent litigation, none of them can or should be considered a silver bullet – or even a lead bullet, for that matter – when it comes to stopping abuse of the patent litigation system.”

Additionally, the letter urges Congress to pass legislation that provides the comprehensive and meaningful reform critical to protecting start ups from patent trolls’ meritless lawsuits.

From the letter:

“Patent litigation reform remains as much a problem in need of a practical solution in 2015, as it was in 2013 when the Innovation Act passed in the House with overwhelming bipartisan support. The changes to the law brought about by the Supreme Court (which could be reversed or diluted in future cases) cannot be compared to the comprehensive and meaningful reform only Congress can implement.”

The full letter can be viewed here.


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