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The Internet Association’s Statement on H.R. 1580, A Bill to Affirm the Policy of the United States Regarding Internet Governance.

Yesterday marked an important day for Internet Freedom. The House Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously approved bipartisan legislation to affirm the policy of the United States regarding Internet governance.

The Internet is one of the greatest engines for economic growth, freedom and prosperity the world has ever known. The unique nature of the Internet – free from government control and governed by multiple stakeholders – has unleashed unprecedented entrepreneurialism, creativity, innovation, and freedom far beyond imagination. Preserving a free Internet for all people is essential to the preservation of political and economic liberty.

The Internet Association commends the members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee for their leadership in standing together to strongly oppose ITU efforts to regulate the Internet. We look forward to working with Members of the Senate to advance legislation to stop this imminent threat to Internet freedom.

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