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Internet Association Releases Policy Roadmap For New Administration, Congress

BECKERMAN: “The internet industry is a critical force for growth in our modern economy.”


Washington, DC – Today the Internet Association released a policy roadmap detailing opportunities for the incoming administration and Congress to enable continued growth and success in the internet ecosystem, and in turn, the U.S. economy.

“The internet industry is a critical force for growth in our modern economy,” said Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman. “We look forward to working closely with the Trump administration along with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to implement policies that promote innovation and cement the internet’s role as a driver of economic and social progress for future generations. Internet companies are a key component for freedom and economic growth at home and abroad. The story of this industry embodies the spirit of free enterprise.”

The internet sector represented nearly 6 percent of GDP and 3 million jobs in 2014, with significant growth in the sector expected over the coming years. The roadmap encompasses nine key issue areas, focusing on policies that will continue to spur innovation, jobs, and economic advancement.

In the roadmap’s opening letter: “From its inception, the internet was built on an open architecture that lowers entry barriers, fosters innovation, and empowers choice. The internet represents the best of American innovation, freedom, and ingenuity.”

To read the full letter and roadmap, click here.


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