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February 29, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement on the McCaul-Warner Proposal

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the introduction of the McCaul-Warner legislation to establish a commission on encryption:

“We are encouraged by the legislation introduced today by Rep. McCaul and Sen. Warner. The proposal has a worthy goal of promoting thoughtful dialogue between stakeholders in the encryption debate, including experts in cryptography, technology, privacy, and law enforcement. Ultimately, both the privacy and data security of Americans and the security of our nation will be best served by maintaining strong encryption. The Internet Association looks forward to working with policymakers to ensure that the best interests of our nation are served. Congress must avoid hasty legislative ‘solutions’ that could have unintended consequences for the security of the American people.”



February 24, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement on Dr. Carla D. Hayden’s Nomination as Librarian of Congress

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement in support of Dr. Carla D. Hayden’s nomination to be the next Librarian of Congress:

“The Internet Association congratulates Dr. Carla D. Hayden on her nomination as the next Librarian of Congress. With her varied and extensive experience providing library services to diverse stakeholders, Dr. Hayden has demonstrated the skills needed to ensure that the Library of Congress truly is the nation’s library. Specifically, her past work updating library systems for the digital age are exactly the skills needed to modernize the digital infrastructure at the Library of Congress. We look forward to her leadership and partnership in shaping a digital future for the U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress more broadly.”


February 18, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement on Device Security

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on efforts to weaken device security:

“Internet companies condemn all criminal and terrorist acts and have zero tolerance for violent or criminal activity online.  Strong encryption protects users and our nation from countless daily threats to the financial system, sensitive infrastructure (like our electric grid), and from repressive governments looking to stifle speech and democracy.

“Governments should not require the weakening of these necessary security standards.  All Americans should be concerned with a precedent that mandates vulnerabilities in encryption. Ultimately, any efforts to weaken or undermine strong encryption harm consumers and undermine our national security.”


February 10, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement on Final Passage of the Judicial Redress Act

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the final passage of the Judicial Redress Act:

“The Internet Association applauds the final passage of the Judicial Redress Act by both chambers of Congress. The Judicial Redress Act is an important step towards restoring trust between the EU and U.S., and ultimately the cross border data flows between the U.S. and our European allies. We call on the President to sign the Judicial Redress Act into law as soon as possible. The Internet industry looks forward to a new era of cooperation with our European allies to ensure both the EU and U.S. enjoy the substantial benefits that result from the free flow of information across the Atlantic.”


February 10, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement on the Introduction of the ENCRYPT Act

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the introduction of the ENCRYPT Act:

“The Internet industry commends Rep. Ted Lieu, Rep. Blake Farenthold, Rep. Suzan DelBene, and Rep. Mike Bishop on their introduction of the ENCRYPT Act. The ENCRYPT Act ensures that users will continue to be protected by strong encryption regardless of where they live.

“Weakening encryption by requiring companies to engineer vulnerabilities into their services makes us all less safe and less secure. Encryption protects billions of global Internet users from countless daily threats to the financial system, sensitive infrastructure (like our electric grid), and from repressive governments looking to stifle speech and democracy. The Internet industry has great respect for the role law enforcement plays in our national security, but without strong encryption, we are all less safe.

“The Internet Association supports the ENCRYPT Act and looks forward to working with Reps. Lieu, Farenthold, DelBene, and Bishop as they continue their work on this important issue.”


February 10, 2016 | News, Press Releases

Announcing Our California Internet Champion Award Winners

Assemblyman Low and Assemblyman Chiu Honored for Pro-Internet Advocacy and Leadership


Sacramento, CA – The Internet Association announced today that California Assembly Members David Chiu and Evan Low are the recipients of the 2015 Internet Champions award for their advocacy and leadership on Internet-related issues in the State Legislature.  Assemblyman Low and Assemblyman Chiu are champions of the Internet economy and natural leaders on technology issues.  In 2015, they rallied their colleagues around legislation that supports growth and opportunity for Californians.

“Assemblyman Chiu and Assemblyman Low are tireless advocates of the Internet sector and recognize its positive benefits to California businesses and citizens,” said Robert Callahan, Executive Director of California for the Internet Association. “We truly appreciate their efforts — they have both set a very high bar for thoughtful legislative leadership on Internet policy issues.”

The Internet Association’s Internet Champions award recognizes California state legislators who have distinguished themselves as vanguards of the Internet economy. The awards will be presented at the Internet Association’s legislative reception in Sacramento on February 10.

Assemblyman Evan Low (AD 28 – Silicon Valley) has assumed a clear leadership role on Internet issues since taking office in 2014.  As co-chair of the new Technology & Innovation Caucus, he has brought renewed focus to California’s Internet economy and ensured that the innovation ecosystem is a key consideration in all Internet policy debates.  He is a well-versed and knowledgeable advocate on Internet issues and a natural choice for the Internet Champion recognition.

Assemblyman David Chiu (AD 17 – San Francisco) has established a strong track record of support for pro-Internet policies since assuming his Assembly office in 2014, building off of similar leadership during his tenure in local government.  He has been a staunch supporter of the tech sector amongst his Assembly colleagues, reflecting the innovative nature of the San Francisco Assembly district he represents.  His advocacy has helped ensure continued tech growth in the Golden State, making him a clear Internet Champion of 2015.


February 5, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement in Support of Maryland Legislation HB 131

Washington, D.C. – Internet Association Vice President of State Government Affairs Dustin Brighton issued the following statement on Maryland House of Delegates Anti-SLAPP legislation:

“The Internet industry applauds the Maryland House for its efforts to stem the tide of consumer gag clauses that impose high fines and penalties on Internet users who post a negative review. Consumers benefit from being able to review their experiences online without threat of fines or litigation. It is critical that the right to free speech online is protected for Maryland’s citizens, and it is for this reason that the Internet Association supports the passage of HB 131.”


February 2, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement On The Revised Safe Harbor Agreement

Washington, D.C. – Today, Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the revised Safe Harbor agreement:

“Today, the EU and U.S. once again proved to the world that they are strong allies and long-term trading partners. The Internet industry thanks the European Commission and the Department of Commerce for their hard work in forging a compromise on Safe Harbor. We urge all stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic to stand by this important agreement. The significant privacy enhancing concessions reached in the EU/U.S. Privacy Shield, alongside the recent surveillance reforms implemented by the U.S. and robust enforcement by the U.S. FTC, cannot be overlooked going forward.”

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