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May 26, 2016 | Letters, News, Press Releases

An Open Letter To ICANN From The Internet Economy

BECKERMAN: “It is critically important that a successful ICANN multistakeholder process succeed, not just in theory, but also in reality.”


Washington, D.C. – Today, the Internet Association issued an open letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) President and CEO Göran Marby, arguing ICANN has a unique opportunity now, more than ever before, to set the Internet on a path forward to thrive. In particular, IA highlights that if done properly, the nearly 20-year transition of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions to a multistakeholder model will cultivate and strengthen innovation by ensuring an open Internet.

“It is critically important that a successful ICANN multistakeholder process succeed, not just in theory, but also in reality, said Michael Beckerman, President and CEO of the Internet Association. “Your first 100 days in office provide a significant opportunity for you to send the right signal to the multistakeholder community: the new ICANN is indeed different and committed not only to the letter but also to the spirit of the IANA transition proposal.”

Equitable treatment of all stakeholders, including Internet companies, within a global multistakeholder model will ensure that the Internet remains a hub for innovation around the world. The letter elaborates that, “the new multistakeholder model will bring Internet users from around the world together to celebrate and invest in ideas that cultivate and strengthen innovation.”

Additionally, the Internet Association reminds Marby that a successful multistakeholder model transition “will strengthen the Internet’s position as one of the most accessible, empowering, and liberating forces in human history.”

To read the full letter, click here.


May 24, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement On Patent Quality Measurement

Washington, DC – Today, the Internet Association submitted comments to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the Patent Quality Metrics for Fiscal Year 2017. Michael Beckerman, President and CEO of the Internet Association, made the following statement on the submission:

“The Internet Association is encouraged by the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s dedication to improving patent quality. High-quality patents are crucial to enhancing innovation and incentivizing important research and development. In contrast, low quality patents disrupt the economy and open the door to uncertainty and costly litigation. Improving the metrics used to measure patent quality is a crucial step towards protecting innovation and growth in the Internet sector. The Internet industry applauds the USPTO’s efforts to implement meaningful changes to the patent system.”

Click here to read the full comment.


May 19, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement In Support Of The Stopping Mass Hacking Act

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement in support of the Stopping Mass Hacking Act (S. 2952), which rejects changes to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. If allowed, the misguided rules would enable magistrate judges to extend the scope of their warrants to computers outside of their jurisdiction:

“The Internet industry applauds Senators Ron Wyden, Rand Paul, Tammy Baldwin, Steve Daines, and Jon Tester for their efforts to roll back proposed rules that expand the government’s authority to hack into and remotely surveil computers in any jurisdiction.  Rule 41 currently permits federal judges to grant search warrants only for evidence within their district. The proposed changes could give magistrates the authority to grant remote electronic searches of computers for evidence of any sort of crime in any district. The implications of this proposed change are far reaching, present an opportunity for Congressional oversight, and should only be addressed as part of a broader national discussion about privacy and security.”


May 6, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement Applauding Arizona House Passage of S.B. 1350

Phoenix, AZ – Internet Association Director of State Government Affairs Robert Callahan issued the following statement supporting the passage of S.B. 1350 by the Arizona House of Representatives:

“The Internet industry applauds the Arizona House of Representatives for its bi-partisan passage of S.B. 1350, which solidifies the right of Arizonans to participate in the short-term rental market. Access to home sharing income is essential to Arizonans, promoting tourism, and providing clear benefits to Arizona’s economy. The Internet industry looks forward to swift passage by the Senate. In passing S.B. 1350, Arizona will set itself apart as a leader in welcoming home sharing to the state.”


May 3, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement on FTC-Related House Committee on Energy & Commerce Bills

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the suite of Federal Trade Commission (FTC)-related bills introduced by the House Energy & Commerce subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade:

“The Internet industry welcomes the introduction of the Consumer Review Fairness Act, the Better Online Ticket Sales Act of 2016 (BOTS Act), and the suite of bills modernizing current practice and standards applied by the FTC in consumer protection cases.

“The Consumer Review Fairness Act will create a strong national standard protecting freedom of speech online that is fundamental to the success of the Internet. Meritless lawsuits filed for the sole purpose of intimidating consumers and stifling public debate must be addressed by Congress.

“The BOTS Act marks an important step in protecting consumers from unfair and deceptive practices online. Beyond the BOTS Act, the Internet Association encourages Congress and the FTC to look into additional ways to empower consumers by promoting much needed competition in the online ticketing market.

“Lastly, the suite of bills modernizing current practice and standards applied by the FTC in consumer protection cases is an important conversation starter between the agency and Congress.  The Internet industry has great respect for the enforcement and policy work done by the FTC, but there is always room for improvement and increased transparency in existing agency processes. In particular, the Technological Innovation through Modernizing Enforcement (TIME) Act placing an eight-year limit on FTC consent decrees marks an important step in the right direction for companies in fast-paced and rapidly evolving technology markets.”


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