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October 31, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement on the Copyright Office Designated Agent Rule

Washington, DC – Ellen Schrantz, Director Government Affairs and Counsel, issued the following statement following the U.S. Copyright Office Designated Agent Final Ruling:

“The U.S. Copyright Office’s rulemaking today puts tens of thousands of businesses at risk of losing safe harbor protections, a foundational element of U.S. copyright law that underpins the success of the internet industry. Today’s changes place new, unnecessary, and burdensome requirements on businesses that were never intended by Congress. Modernizing the system to designate agents in the digital age is admirable and overdue- but not at the risk of endangering the safe harbor.”

October 27, 2016 | News, Press Releases

Internet Association and Capito Highlight Importance of Internet for Parkersburg Small Businesses

Parkersburg, W.Va. – Today, the Internet Association, along with Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), visited Parkersburg, West Virginia to meet with small businesses and discuss the importance of the internet in expanding Parkersburg’s economy.

“Parkersburg exemplifies how the power of the internet can help small businesses grow and compete globally,” said Internet Association Senior Vice President, public policy and government affairs, Gina Woodworth. “When small business owners have internet platforms, global markets, and a high-speed connection at their fingertips, they can reach new customers faster and more efficiently than ever before. Internet-enabled commerce is the key to our future economic success.”

“Today’s tour showcased what the internet can do to grow, sustain and establish small businesses right here in West Virginia. Because of its reliable, high-speed internet service, Parkersburg has become an attractive destination for businesses to set up shop and expand their customer base beyond the Mountain State,” said Senator Capito. “Affordable internet is crucial to economic growth in West Virginia, and I will continue to urge the public and private sectors to work together and deploy this critical asset to more areas across our state.”

The Internet Association and Senator Capito met with four small businesses in Parkersburg that use the internet to connect with customers, grow their businesses, and utilize the city’s high-speed broadband connections.

The first stop on the Parkersburg tour was The Coffee Bar, which uses social media platforms to expand its online presence and sells t-shirts, mugs, and other goods on an e-commerce platform. The second stop was a ribbon cutting that welcomed Netranom to downtown Parkersburg. Netranom, an IT support company, recently opened an office in Parkersburg to take advantage of the high-speed internet in the city. Next, the tour visited the Schrader Youth Ballet Company, which, like The Coffee Bar, uses social media platforms to advertise its dance classes, recitals, camps, and other community events. The visit concluded at the recently-opened Parkersburg Brewing Company, which was able to grow its business, as well as a strong local following, using social media without spending a penny on traditional advertising. The money it saved on advertising allowed Parkersburg Brewing Co. to divert more money to investing in its business.


October 17, 2016 | News, Press Releases

Internet and Technology Industries Call For Strong Digital Trade Provisions As TiSA Negotiations Intensify

BECKERMAN: “Intermediary liability protections enable trade by boosting commerce and increasing export opportunities for U.S. small businesses who connect with the global marketplace through the internet.”


Washington, DC – Today, the Internet Association, along with ACT | The App Association, BSA | The Software Alliance, Computer and Communications Industry Association, Consumer Technology Association, Internet Infrastructure Coalition, and Information Technology Industry Council, sent a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman urging him to prioritize digital trade issues in TiSA negotiations.

“As negotiations reach a critical phase, we urge you to intensify efforts to reach an agreement that will promote digital trade and empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, developers, and users. TiSA represents a unique opportunity to create a new framework that promotes cross-border trade in digital services, protects the free and open internet, and encourages the free flow of information, both among TiSA’s twenty-three dynamic economies and around the world,” the letter states.

“Intermediary liability protections enable trade by boosting commerce and increasing export opportunities for U.S. small businesses who connect with the global marketplace through the internet,” said Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman. “USTR has a strong track record of supporting the internet economy, and we urge Ambassador Froman to ensure TiSA includes robust liability protections for internet services from content generated by others.”

“For app makers and startups to continue to grow and meet customer demands, they must have the ability to engage in the global digital economy, which represents over $8 trillion of commerce annually,” said Morgan Reed, executive director of ACT | The App Association. “TiSA presents a crucial opportunity to provide clarity around digital trade issues, such as safeguarding the free flow of data across borders and guaranteeing strong intellectual property protections.”

“TISA has great promise to expand software services trade across the globe. That’s why BSA | The Software Alliance has joined this call for USTR to insist that the agreement contain strong protections for data flows, prohibit localization measures that discriminate against global software providers, and open the door to the new, innovative services our members offer,” said Victoria A. Espinel, President and CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance.

“As a key driver of our economy, Internet issues should receive a thoughtful, complete, and transparent discussion in the TiSA negotiations. In an environment where trade treaty negotiations are subject to intense scrutiny, concrete, measurable progress on issues critical to the Internet is required,” said David Snead, i2Coalition Chairman of Board of Directors, Policy Working Group Chair, and cPanel General Counsel.

“A Trade in Services Agreement promises to turbocharge opportunities for American entrepreneurs, small businesses, and companies of all kinds,” said ITI President and CEO Dean Garfield. “The free movement of digital information across borders is essential to growing the global economy, creating jobs, supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses, and promoting the innovation that makes all of our lives better. A TiSA that embraces a commitment to free cross-border data flows can help us realize these benefits, while ensuring that governments can protect important public interests, such as privacy and data protection.”

The letter calls for the final TiSA agreement to include binding and enforceable language in five key areas: allowing for the free flow of data; prohibiting local data storage and management requirements; ensuring TiSA provisions apply to all services, including new services; providing intermediary liability protections for online and cloud platforms; and limiting to the number and scope of departures that TiSA parties may take from market access obligations.

To read the full letter, click here.


October 6, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement On The FTC Study On Patent Trolls

Washington, DC  Today, Internet Association President & CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) release of a new study on Patent Assertion Entities, otherwise known as patent trolls:

“We applaud the FTC for undertaking such a deliberate study that provides a sobering look at the grave damage patent trolls inflict upon our country’s economy. The study shows that patent trolls continue to extort frequent settlements from their targets, diverting resources from productive businesses across industry and sector nationwide. Expensive litigation, particularly burdensome discovery, continues to be used as a weapon by trolls, especially in the Eastern District of Texas, home to about half of all patent cases nationwide. The report identifies asymmetrical discovery burdens and pleading standards in patent troll cases as particular areas in need of reform. In addition to the reforms listed by the report, meaningful venue reform is necessary to prevent trolls from extorting resources and discouraging innovation through wasteful litigation practices.”



October 1, 2016 | News, Statements

Statement On The Successful Privatization Of The Internet Domain Name System

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the successful privatization of the internet domain name system:

“The Internet industry supports the transition of the IANA functions from NTIA to a multistakeholder governance model with strong accountability measures and controls. The IANA transition is good for U.S. national security, the economy, and for the future of the internet. Our work, however, is not complete. We will work with ICANN and the internet community to ensure the full implementation and success of the multistakeholder governance model.”


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