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September 28, 2017 | News, Statements

Statement On The Introduction Of The Startup Act

Washington, DC – IA President & CEO Michael Beckerman released the following statement on the introduction of the Startup Act by Senators Jerry Moran (R-KS) and Mark Warner (D-VA):

“The internet industry applauds Senators Moran and Warner for their bipartisan leadership in fostering innovation and American jobs and supports the introduction of The Startup Act. This legislation will enable growing businesses in the U.S. to acquire the highly-skilled talent they need to continue succeed and create jobs in America. It will also allow STEM and computer science graduates trained in the U.S. to remain here and contribute to our economy instead of creating jobs and businesses abroad.”


September 26, 2017 | News, Press Releases

Internet Association Members & Other Businesses, Individuals Commit More Than $300 Million To K-12 Computer Science Education Programs

BECKERMAN: “It’s essential that the public and private sectors work together to ensure all American students have the opportunity to learn computer science and take part in the fastest growing sector of our economy.”

Detroit, Michigan – Today, Internet Association announced a private sector commitment of more than $300 million dedicated to K-12 computer science programs. The pledge represents a private sector contribution which complements the Trump Administration’s commitment to computer science education made in yesterday’s presidential memorandum that directed the Department of Education to make STEM and computer science a priority within competitive grant programs. Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump is joining Internet Association and donor companies at an event today in Detroit to discuss the importance of computer science education.

The private sector contribution will be funded by Internet Association member companies and other businesses and individuals over five years. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce each commit $50 million, Lockheed Martin commits $25 million, Accenture commits more than $10 million, General Motors commits $10 million, Pluralsight commits $10 million, and private individuals and foundations commit $3 million to nonprofits focused on computer science education. Detroit-based Quicken Loans commits the financial resources required to ensure more than 15,000 Detroit Public Schools students receive the computer science training they deserve. Intuit and Internet Association are also providing a significant contribution to the effort.

“Today’s renewed commitment to high-quality computer science education made by the Trump Administration, the internet industry, and other businesses will help ensure all students develop the skills they need to succeed in the digital economy. It’s essential that the public and private sectors work together to ensure all American students have the opportunity to learn computer science and take part in the fastest growing sector of our economy,” said Michael Beckerman, Internet Association President & CEO.

“The Trump Administration is committed to aligning the skills being taught to our students with the jobs being created in the economy of the future. Given the growing role of technology across all sectors of American industry, it is vital that our students become fluent in coding and computer science and the decisive actions of the Administration and the private sector this week represent a giant leap forward in this direction,” said Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the President.

The announcement will be formally made during an event today in Detroit, featuring Ivanka Trump; Lockheed Martin Chairman, President & CEO Marillyn Hewson; Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert; CEO Rob Acker; CEO Hadi Partovi; and Internet Association President & CEO Michael Beckerman. Other companies and organizations represented will be Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, After-School All-Stars, and Michigan Math & Science Centers Network.

Spread over the next five years, this investment is designed to expand the computer science education pipeline and close the skills gap for computing jobs in today’s economy. According to, there are more than 500,000 open computing jobs in sectors as diverse as agriculture and banking today, but only 50,000 computer science graduates each year. Less than half of schools in the U.S. offer computer science courses, yet 90 percent of parents want them in their schools.

“Whether a student wishes to become a lawyer, a nurse, a scientist, or a coder, a background in computer science will provide a critical foundation for the future,” said CEO Hadi Partovi. is the leading nonprofit in computer science, with 20 percent of America’s students enrolled on its platform. “Today’s announcement wouldn’t be possible without the passionate work of hundreds of thousands of teachers in the past four years. Their local support in classrooms has powered an international movement to modernize education,” added Partovi.

“The White House, the business community, and educators across the country agree that computer science must be made a priority for American workers to be prepared for the jobs of the 21st century. We’ve all seen the writing on the wall and now is the time to act in the interest of the continued economic growth of our nation,” added Beckerman.


September 25, 2017 | News, Statements

Internet Association Commends White House Efforts To Prioritize Computer Science Education Programs For Grades K-12

Washington, DC – Michael Beckerman, President & CEO of Internet Association, issued the following statement on the signing of a presidential memorandum directing the Department of Education to make computer science a priority within STEM grant programs:

“Internet Association applauds the Trump administration’s commitment to expanding computer science education for all of America’s students by updating the Department of Education’s grant priorities. Computer science education prepares students for the jobs of the future, but less than half of America’s schools offer it. In today’s digitized economy, that is simply unacceptable.

“Today’s action, in concert with other efforts, will expand computer science education pipeline for underserved groups, helping to fix these inequities and boost our economy. Our industry is excited by this Administration’s heightened support for computer science and applauds its efforts to increase the number of students who have backgrounds in this important topic. The public and private sector must continue to work together to ensure America’s students have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to succeed in the digital economy.”


September 22, 2017 | News, Statements

Statement On Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s Veto Of The Geolocation Privacy Protection Act (HB 3449)

Washington, DC – Internet Association Vice President, State Government Affairs, Dustin Brighton released the following statement on Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of the Geolocation Privacy Protection Act (HB 3449):

“The internet industry thanks Governor Rauner for vetoing this harmful, duplicative bill. This legislation would have created costly, and disruptive requirements for any website or app collecting location information in Illinois, without better protecting consumers. With this veto Illinois businesses can continue innovating and providing robust services to their customers and users. We look forward to working with Governor Rauner and the Illinois legislature on policies that will foster innovation, growth, and jobs in the Land of Lincoln.”


September 18, 2017 | News, Statements

Statement On The First Privacy Shield Annual Review

Washington, DC – Internet Association President & CEO Michael Beckerman released the following statement on the first Privacy Shield Annual Review:

“The internet industry commends the EU and U.S. for the painstaking groundwork done in preparation for a successful Privacy Shield annual review. In particular, we wish to thank Secretary Ross and Commissioner Jourova for their commitment to the review process and the framework itself. They and their teams have made significant progress in implementing the framework in a cooperative and constructive manner. More than 2,300 companies, large and small, have signed up for Privacy Shield since it came into force, making it a key tool facilitating transatlantic commerce. It is essential that stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic to stand by the agreement as the review process moves forward.”



September 7, 2017 | News, Press Releases

Quicken Loans Joins Internet Association, Expanding IA’s FinTech Leadership

BECKERMAN: “We’re excited to expand our leadership in FinTech by working with innovative – and community-focused – companies like Quicken Loans.”


Washington, DC – Today, Internet Association announced Quicken Loans has joined as its 43rd member. Quicken Loans leads not just in FinTech innovation, but the entire retail mortgage space as the country’s second largest retail mortgage lender.

“We’re excited to expand our leadership in FinTech by working with innovative – and community-focused – companies like Quicken Loans,” said IA President & CEO Michael Beckerman. “Quicken Loans revolutionized the process of getting a mortgage while also continuing to invest in its employees and its community, especially Detroit.”

Quicken Loans has a long track record of FinTech innovation, most recently launching Rocket Mortgage, the first completely online mortgage experience, in 2015. The company has won J.D. Power’s award for best mortgage originator the past seven years running, as well as J.D. Power’s best mortgage servicer award for the past four years. This year Computerworld ranked Quicken Loans the best place to work in IT for the fifth straight year.

Quicken Loans is also focused on transforming Detroit into “Silicon Valley North” – a tech-focused hub in Michigan. The company moved its headquarters to downtown Detroit in 2010, sparking more than 30 active venture-backed startups in the city. Quicken Loans also recently launched a Detroit Demo Day, offering $1 million worth of funding to Detroit small businesses and entrepreneurs.


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