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Link: Internet Industry Calls for TPA Bill Supporting Digital Economy

Today, the Internet Association, along with seven other organizations representing the technology industry, sent a letter to Congressional leaders to urging the swift passage of a TPA bill that recognizes the importance of the digital economy.

From the letter: “…in order for America’s most cutting-edge companies to continue innovating, we need to ensure any trade agreements will allow those companies to compete on a level playing field. To do that, we need the countries involved in trade negotiations to come forward with their best offers. This can only happen if we, the United States, come to the negotiating table as one voice.”

Additionally, the letter argues: “Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) gives the U.S. one voice on trade. TPA empowers Congress to set the Administration’s negotiating objectives for trade agreements… In short: TPA strengthens our country’s negotiating position and provides our negotiating partners the confidence they need to give us their best offers – resulting in the strongest possible agreements for American businesses and workers.”

As the gold standard framework for U.S. global trade priorities, the TPA bill should be one that “recognizes the realities of the 21st century economy and provides guidance to negotiators on achieving this modern trade framework.”

Full list of signatory organizations:
BSA | The Software Alliance
Computer and Communications Industry Association Consumer Electronics Association
Information Technology Industry Council
The Internet Association
Semiconductor Industry Association
Silicon Valley Leadership Group