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Don’t forget the Internet!

  • date icon August 10, 2015
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At the Internet Association, our job is to represent the interests of leading Internet companies and their community of end users.  Specifically, we seek to protect Internet freedom, and to promote innovation and economic growth.

Changes in the law – whether through legislation, regulation, or by the courts – can impact the Internet in both seen and unforeseen ways.  We monitor these changes closely and speak out as appropriate to ensure that the Internet’s unified voice is heard by all policymakers.  The most useful tool we use to communicate with judges is the amicus brief.  Sometimes judges – even the really smart ones – do not factor the Internet into their decisions.  In fact, it isn’t always obvious how a case might have profound impact on the flow of information online.

Tomorrow, the Federal Circuit will hear oral arguments in an appeal from an International Trade Commission patent case involving ClearCorrect and Align Technology.  The case itself involves teeth aligners.  So what, you might ask, does this have to do with the Internet?  The ITC’s decision has the potential to set cloud computing back to the dial up era: something that no one on the right side of history can want to see happen.

We’ve all seen the movie Home Alone.  We remember the scene where the mother realizes she forgot one of her children at home.  At the Internet Association, our job is to make sure that the Internet isn’t forgotten when policy is being made.  This is why we filed an amicus brief explaining to the appeals court why this case has important implications for the Internet.  As the courts analyze this case about teeth retainers, we are simply working to ensure the Internet is not forgotten at home.