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In celebrating America’s freedom and independence on the 4th of July, The Internet Association encourages all Americans to take a moment to recognize an important aspect of our freedom – the Fourth Amendment. 

Since our inception, The Internet Association and our member companies have been staunch advocates in protecting users’ online privacy. From promoting ECPA reform to rejecting new wiretap authorities on Internet companies, we are steadfast in safeguarding your online privacy. 

See what we’ve been working on:

Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Passage of ECPA

“The Senate Judiciary Committee’s passage of the Electronic Communications Privacy Amendments Act of 2013 is a significant step in safeguarding the privacy of users’ electronically stored content.”

Statement on Bipartisan Leahy-Lee ECPA Reform Bill ECPA Law Must Be Updated for the Digital Age

“America’s online privacy law was written 30 years ago, before the birth of the modern Internet. Currently, law enforcement agencies are not required to obtain a warrant to access email and other online documents stored for longer than six months.“

OP-ED: The Internet Association Celebrates 2013 Data Privacy Day, Urges 113th Congress to Pass Electronic Privacy Reform

"Did you know that a law written before email was commercially available governs the way the government can access your data online? Did you know that the search warrant protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution do not apply to the cyberspace for your data?”

LETTER: DDP ECPA Letter of Support

“We, the undersigned companies and organizations, are writing to express our support for Chairman Leahy’s and Sen. Lee’s ECPA Amendments Act, S. 607, which the Committee will consider shortly.”

ICYMI: Senate Judiciary panel votes to require warrants for police email searches

“The Internet Association, a lobbying group that represents Google, Facebook and others, applauded the committee for taking a ‘significant step in safeguarding the privacy of users’ electronically stored content,’ and said it is committed to ensuring the bill is signed into law.”

ICYMI: The federal government may soon have to notify you if it has been spying on your emails

“The Internet Association, an industry trade group that calls itself the ‘unified voice of the Internet economy,’ called the move a ‘significant step in safeguarding the privacy of users’ electronically stored content.’”