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In a strong showing of solidarity, The Internet Association along side companies, civil society organizations, investors, and other trade associations recently penned a letter to the Executive branch and congressional leaders calling for greater transparency regarding the US government’s national security-related requests of users data from Internet companies.  Given our dedication to protecting users’ privacy and security, our companies have a long-standing history of supporting openness and transparency.    


We urge the U.S. government to implement two key initiatives. First, the government should permit companies to regularly report statistics on the numbers – total number of requests under specific authorities for specific types of data and number of individuals affected by these requests. Second, the government should release its own regular “transparency report” on the same information.  Both of these actions will inform the American people and ensure government transparency and accountability.


To learn more about what we and the collective group suggest to the U.S. government as an initial step towards implementing these initiatives, check out the full letter here.