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Internet industry CEOs continue to land high approval ratings from their employees. Glassdoor, a site where employees anonymously review their employers, recently released its list of the top 50 CEOs for 2014. Internet companies ranked among the best performers among all industry sectors. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google,, eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo!, all Internet Association member companies, made the list, scoring well above the 69 percent average.

These Internet Association member companies made the top ten:

  • LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, earned the prestigious top spot with 100 percent approval from LinkedIn employees who participated in the anonymous voluntary survey. With more than 700 reviews and near perfect scores in categories ranging from “Comp & Benefits” to “Senior Management,” Weiner attributes LinkedIn’s successes to his investment in company culture and values.
  • Facebook employees placed CEO Mark Zuckerberg at number 9 on the list with a 93 percent approval. Consistently ranked one of the best places to work, Facebook employees devote high marks to the company’s work culture and career opportunities. Over 90 percent of employees would recommend working at Facebook to their friends.
  • Google CEO, Larry Page, also made the top ten. Over 1,000 reviews from past and current employees pushed Page into 10th place with a 93 percent approval rating. The company’s work environment and compelling projects impressed employees the most.

Gone are the days of cloistered executives and ridged, top-down work environments: the Internet industry has made its mark on the American workforce. The Internet Association applauds these business leaders and the way they are changing corporate culture and behaviors to be more accessible, collaborative, and innovative.