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Consumers Need Greater Internet Access and Faster Broadband Speeds

  • date icon September 19, 2014
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Today we  submitted  comments  to  the  Federal  Communications Commission (FCC) calling on the agency to implement pro-consumer policies to bring faster and better  broadband  service to  all  Americans,  promote  competition  and  choice in the  broadband market, and protect an open Internet. 

“The Internet is an indispensable tool that is necessary to stay competitive globally, and the Commission has a mandate to ensure the deployment of advanced broadband  services  nationwide,” said Michael Beckerman, President and CEO of The Internet Association.  “Access to high speed Internet service is not a luxury in today’s economy.  It is a necessity.  Policymakers must encourage broadband abundance and ensure high speed Internet service is deployed everywhere.”

The Internet Association urged the FCC to do all that it can to promote competition and remove barriers in the broadband marketplace:  “The Commission should use the full weight of its authority to prevent any  private  or  public  entity  from inhibiting the  deployment  of  broadband  networks  or  standing in the way of increased competition in providing these services.”  The comments also ask the FCC to closely examine the  use  of  restrictive  data caps and interconnection  requirements that “ration edge  providers’ abilities to provide consumers with the data they have requested…”

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