California Privacy Law Must Be Changed To Avoid Making User Data More Vulnerable

Originally Appeared: The Sacramento Bee on December 19, 2018

Americans deserve modern privacy rules that provide meaningful control over personal data, whether it is collected online or offline, from companies across all industries. That means giving people the ability to access, correct, delete and download their data. Full stop.

That’s the position of America’s internet companies. Any assertions to the contrary — includingthose made by the group Common Sense in The Sacramento Bee’s opinion section Dec. 3 — are incorrect.

While the California Consumer Privacy Act might aim to meaningfully enhance data privacy, Californians could find it fails to achieve its purpose if it is not improved before it goes into effect in 2020.

The law was passed last summer with the idea that it would be amended and fixed in 2019. The Internet Association, on behalf of the companies we represent, has been working with the California Legislature and other stakeholders to find reasonable solutions to CCPA’s substantive problems. These problems were given short shrift during the extreme rush to pass the law, but now must be addressed.

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