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How The Internet Is Keeping Us Connected During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic will leave a lasting mark on society and how we live our lives. Today, modern technology is helping us deal with the pandemic’s consequences – and attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy – in ways that were not possible 25 years ago. Internet platforms and services are providing easy and seamless… Read more

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Improving the CARES Act to Support More American Workers

COVID-19 is impacting all aspects of American life and internet companies are stepping up to address the many demands and challenges we face in a world rattled by the pandemic. This includes the millions of Americans who make a living and support their families by using the platforms and services that IA represents.   The CARES… Read more

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Code For America Summit 2019

The Code for America Summit is an annual conference where government and technology intersect. The event, put on by the nonprofit Code for America, has three goals: Show what’s possible with government services. Promote principles and practices that make positive change real. Tackle some of government’s biggest challenges in the digital age As part of… Read more

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USMCA: Supercharging Digital Trade For American Businesses And Workers

North America’s digital trade framework may soon get its first reboot in more than a quarter century. Thanks to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), American businesses of all sizes, workers, entrepreneurs, developers, and content creators – in every sector of the U.S. economy – could soon be able to take advantage of the best digital… Read more

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An American Privacy Framework

Data has revolutionized every part of our economy and daily lives, both online and offline. Thanks to data, we can get to work on time with efficient navigation, find the perfect playlist based on curated recommendations, and see faces of loved ones hundreds of miles apart. Americans deserve, and internet companies support, a modern approach… Read more

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Correcting Misconceptions About The U.S. Patent System

There’s been a great deal of misinformation floating around about the inter partes review process (IPR) and how it impacts American inventors and innovators. So, ahead of today’s U.S. Patent Office Oversight (USPTO) Oversight Hearing with USPTO Director Andrei Iancu, IA wanted to correct some common myths about the U.S. patent system and IPR. MYTH:… Read more

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Internet Association Applauds Signing of California State Senator Bradford’s SB 182, Which Helps Ridesharing Drivers By Easing Administrative Burdens and Protecting Their Privacy

On October 13, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 182, a bill which marks a big step forward for ridesharing in California. SB 182 will ease administrative and financial burdens on transportation network company (TNC) drivers by allowing them to obtain only a single business license in order to operate in the entire… Read more

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Cloud First Must Be More Than A Slogan

Internet Association believes in the power of cloud computing to improve government processes and maximize the impact of each taxpayer dollar. IA is proud to represent world-class cloud providers with a relentless focus on helping federal, state, and local governments do just that. That’s why it was disappointing to see the Securities and Exchange Commission… Read more

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SESTA Hearing Highlighted By Willingness To Find Compromise

“At Internet Association, we stand behind the goals of SESTA [the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017]. We want to see an end to sex trafficking online.” That quote, given as testimony by IA’s own Abigail Slater during yesterday’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing, reflects our collective commitment to end online sex trafficking. Fortunately, yesterday’s… Read more

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Working Together to Combat Sex Trafficking

Today, Internet Association will testify before the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee on an critical issue to our nation: the effort to combat sex trafficking. Internet Association member companies are 100 percent committed to the fight against sex trafficking. Criminal actors like must be fully and quickly brought to justice for their horrific… Read more

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Eliminating Internet Safe Harbors Hurts The U.S. Economy

One of the most important parts of the internet – and what makes it so attractive and useful to so many people – is the ability to search for and store information at the click of a button. Intermediary liability safe harbors play a critical role in making that possible.These safe harbors protect internet platforms… Read more

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Error 404: Alice and Section 101 of the Patent Act

In 2014, the Supreme Court issued a key opinion in Alice Corp v. CLS Bank International that rejected low-quality patent claims that failed to meet legal criteria. Recently, certain interest groups – dissatisfied with the requirement that patents not cover abstract ideas or simple business methods on a computer – have started shopping the idea… Read more

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Washington, DC – Internet Association’s Senior Vice President of Global Government Affairs Michael Bloom released the following statement on the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act:  “The internet industry appreciates the House passing the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act, ensuring that the millions of Americans participating in the online economy are supported during the unprecedented economic downturn brought… Read more

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