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America Invents Act Five Year Anniversary Myth And Fact

"This September marks five years since the America Invents Act (AIA) was signed into law, ushering our patent system into the 21st century through a series of reforms that focused on both the efficiency and quality of patents. The AIA created new post grant review programs, which are both time- and cost-effective mechanisms to take… Read more tail right

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Five Things The European Commission Should Consider In Its Proposed EU Copyright Modernization Rules

"The European Commission’s proposed “modernization” of EU copyright rules fails to create future-proofed intellectual property policies that protect consumers, rightsholders, and internet platforms. The adoption of these provisions would slow the growth of homegrown internet companies across the European continent and could be disastrous for the European publishing community. The EU copyright consultation presented an… Read more tail right

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The Future for AI is Now

"The pivotal scene in Artificial Intelligence (AI) movies is almost always the Turing Test, when a human meets a robot and tests whether they pass as human. Whether it’s Haley Joel Osment in AI, Robin Williams as the Bicentennial Man, or most recently, Ava in Ex Machina, the Turing Test is the critical turning point…. Read more tail right

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DMCA Safe Harbors Myth And Fact

"Following our previous work in defense of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbors, we’ve seen a lot of misinformation circulating about what DMCA safe harbors are and what they’ve done for the online ecosystem. In this series, we’ll explore five common myths asserted about the DMCA and break them down. Myth #1: The… Read more tail right

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Protecting Innovation and Creativity Online:

"In Defense of the DMCA Congress gets a bad rap these days We spend a lot of time discussing everything that’s wrong with legislative proposals. Within this pessimistic legislative environment, it’s important to reflect back on the places where Congress got it right, in hopes of gaining insight into how we can replicate that success… Read more tail right

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Where’s the Beef III? The Supreme Court, the FTC, and Privacy Harms

"In recent weeks, the Internet Association continued to weigh in on the debate around how best to define consumer harm in privacy and data breach cases.  Our first post on this issue one year ago looked at the Federal Trade Commission’s Nomi case.  Two Commissioners dissented in that case, both of them citing a lack… Read more tail right

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An Open Letter to ICANN

"from the Internet Economy Göran MarbyPresident and CEOInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers12025 Waterfront Drive, Suite 300Los Angeles, CA 90094–2536 Dear Mr. Marby: Congratulations on your appointment as President and CEO of ICANN, an organization that is undergoing intense and rapid change. The Internet industry is an important stakeholder in ICANN, and we wish… Read more tail right

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Yahoo Participates in Capitol Hill Encryption Panel

"yahoopolicy: Nicole Mortier, Director of Government Affairs for Yahoo, participates on Capitol Hill in an Internet Association panel discussion about encryption. Innovations in our digital economy have made encryption increasingly critical to the safety and security of billions of Internet users. Understanding this dynamic is key to developing the public policies that guide us, and… Read more tail right

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U.S. tech firms urge presidential candidates to embrace trade, high-tech visas

"Link: U.S. tech firms urge presidential candidates to embrace trade, high-tech visas The technology industry has joined together to offer an innovation platform to 2016 presidential candidates. Signed by the leaders of the respective groups, the platform is designed to urge the 2016 presidential candidates to consider issues and implement policies that harness the power… Read more tail right

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Marking The Enhancing Patent Quality Initiative One Year Anniversary

"Last week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) marked an important milestone: the one-year anniversary of the Enhancing Patent Quality Initiative (EPQI). Over the last year, the USPTO has undertaken to make changes that will provide better tools to produce high quality patents. In the coming year, it will be critical for the USPTO… Read more tail right


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"Internet Association today released the Q3 2018 IA Industry Indicators report (3I Report) which provides quarterly indicators for the internet sector. This quarter’s report features a deep-dive on American consumer sentiment around the internet, micro- and macroeconomic indicators, and a Digital Price Index that tracks inflation for digital goods and services.

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