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Twitter turns 10: How Tweets have spread across the world

Link: Twitter turns 10: How Tweets have spread across the world Happy 10th birthday to Twitter! To celebrate, Twitter released an interactive graph where you can see how famous tweets have spread across the world in a matter of seconds:

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301 on 3.1

Today, the Internet Association testified at the U.S. Trade Representative on its annual Special 301 Report. Each year, USTR prepares a report to identify countries that that “deny adequate and effective protection of intellectual property rights” or, two, those that “deny fair and equitable market access to United States persons that rely upon intellectual property… Read more

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New Data Shows Comprehensive Economic Benefits Of Ridesharing

When contemplating the most revolutionary innovations that have emerged from the sharing economy renaissance, ridesharing inevitably rises to the top. By providing everyone in possession of a smartphone the ability to safely and cheaply hail rides and move around cities with unprecedented ease, ridesharing companies have fundamentally altered how we think about transportation as a… Read more

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Newegg sues patent troll that dropped its case

A Patent Troll seeking to exact royalty payments on a wide range of USB hubs recently dropped its case against tech, gaming and DIY company, Newegg- but may not be able to walk away.  Newegg is suing, in return, for judicial ruling of non-infringement, preventing the patent assertion entity (PAE) from refiling again in the… Read more

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Internet Association Files Amicus Brief In Patent Troll Case

Today, the Internet Association filed an amicus brief in a patent case before the United States Supreme Court.  The case – Halo/Stryker – centers on the standard applied by courts when awarding enhanced damages for willful infringement of a patent.  It is a very important case not only for the Internet: all technology and communications… Read more

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Securing access to security tools – an update on the Wassenaar Arrangement

Regardless of whether the U.S. government goes back to the negotiating table with the Wassenaar partner-nations, or structures rules in a way that doesn’t undermine legitimate security research, Internet Association member companies need continued access to the network security tools necessary to maintain their world-class systems. Imagine this: a renowned technologist flies overseas for an… Read more

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Internet Platforms: Vectors For Growth In The EU Digital Single Market

By: Michael Beckerman, President & CEO, Internet Association As we entered the new year, the Internet Association filed its first public comment with the EC Commission. The comment responded to the Commission’s consultation on platform regulation, intermediary liability, cloud computing, and the collaborative economy. The public policy issues at stake in the platform consultation included… Read more

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Holiday Wishes for the U.S./EU Safe Harbor

It’s the time of year when we exchange wishes for the holiday season and the New Year we are entering into.  This year, a big event for the Internet was the invalidation by the European Court of Justice of the US/EU Safe Harbor agreement. Negotiations to renew the Safe Harbor are ongoing between the Department… Read more

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Start-Up Leaders Embrace Lobbying as Part of the Job

Link: Start-Up Leaders Embrace Lobbying as Part of the Job Today’s tech companies have accepted lobbying as an essential part of doing business- a sharp shift from past generations, whose founders almost made a point of pride to be distanced from, or above, politics and politicians…But in a sign of how many new companies have… Read more

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This post is a follow up to our first post on evidence-based privacy, which can be found here. This Friday, November 13, 2015 the FTC learned that they lost their data security case against LabMD, a clinical testing laboratory.  In a complaint filed in 2013, the FTC staff had alleged before the FTC Administrative Law… Read more

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How IMDb Can Be Older Than the First Web Browser

Link: How IMDb Can Be Older Than the First Web Browser Here’s a riddle: the Internet Movie Database, the now-ubiquitous website that tracks pretty much every speck of info about movies and TV, celebrated its 25th birthday last Saturday. But the 25th anniversary of the proposal that gave birth to the World Wide Web won’t… Read more

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Share the savings with the State by signing AB 229 (Chang)

By Robert Callahan, California Executive Director, Internet Association With just a signature from California Governor Jerry Brown, California state employees who travel for business will not be confined to taking taxis and staying in hotel rooms. If enacted, AB 229, a bill proposed by Assemblywoman Ling-Ling Chang, would ensure that the state will continue reimbursing… Read more

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“Online job postings have more than tripled and half of all Americans are now using the internet to search for jobs. “ Michael Beckerman, IA President & CEO Washington, DC – Internet Association today released the August IA Industry Indicators: Jobs (3i Jobs) report, which presents monthly insights on the U.S. job market using data… Read more

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