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Arrrrg. Tell patent trolls to walk the plank.

Link: Arrrrg. Tell patent trolls to walk the plank.

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Internet Association Syncs with New Member Dropbox

We are excited to announce that Dropbox, the leading cloud-based collaboration network, has become the organization’s 36th member. Founded in 2007, millions of people around the world use Dropbox to work the way they want, on any device, wherever they go.  “Dropbox is a natural fit for our Association, harnessing the power of the cloud… Read more

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Don’t forget the Internet!

At the Internet Association, our job is to represent the interests of leading Internet companies and their community of end users.  Specifically, we seek to protect Internet freedom, and to promote innovation and economic growth. Changes in the law – whether through legislation, regulation, or by the courts – can impact the Internet in both… Read more

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Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Encryption Hearing

Washington, D.C. – Abigail Slater, Internet Association Vice President of Legal and Regulatory Policy, issued the following statement on today’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing, Going Dark: Encryption, Technology, and the Balance Between Public Safety and Privacy: “Today’s Senate hearing on encryption raises important issues for the future of the Internet. Proposals to mandate weakened encryption… Read more

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Blocking Zenefits Harms Small Businesses

In the past two weeks, Zenefits, an innovative Internet-based HR platform, and ADP, one of the world’s largest payroll systems, have become locked in a public dispute over Zenefits’ access to ADP’s payroll system. While several factors contributing to the disagreement between the two parties are nuanced, one troubling aspect of the dispute is not:… Read more

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Zenefits Joins the Internet Association

The Internet Association is proud to announce that Zenefits has joined as the organization’s 35th member. The fastest-growing SaaS company in history, Zenefits is a free, cloud HR automation platform that makes it effortless to manage a business and its employees by automating all of the associated HR administrative work: compliance, on-boarding, payroll updates, health… Read more

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Today marks the deadline for public comments to the President’s interagency Broadband Opportunity Council, which was established earlier this year to explore how executive branch agencies can promote broadband deployment, adoption, and competition. The Internet Association welcomes this outreach.  The data show that the U.S. increasingly is in danger of falling behind in broadband compared… Read more

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“Where’s the Beef?”  The FTC & Evidence-Based Privacy

In the past few years, a growing divide has emerged at the Federal Trade Commission when it comes to data privacy enforcement and policy development.   On one side of this divide stand the FTC consumer protection staff and majority Commissioners who operate under the historical enforcement model for the agency.  In the privacy context,… Read more

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USA Freedom Act To Modernize Surveillance Laws Passes House with Overwhelming Bipartisan Majority

After two years of tireless effort from the Internet industry and others to bring about long-needed surveillance reform, the House Passed the USA Freedom Act of 2015 with an overwhelming bipartisan majority vote. Passage of this bill would update surveillance laws to secure users online information in a way that increases transparency and accountability while… Read more

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Statement on the Bicameral Introduction of the USA Freedom Act

Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issues the following statement on the bicameral introduction of the USA Freedom Act: “The Internet industry appreciates the bipartisan, bicameral introduction of the USA Freedom Act. The reforms included in this bill end bulk data collection, increase transparency, and implement enhanced accountability for surveillance activities — three important… Read more

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Ijeoma Arisah – I Learnt to Code to Fulfill a Childhood Dream

“As a child, I watched a lot of sci-fi movies, so I believed that technology could help mankind, including being the key to care for my parents in their old age.”  To read the article, click here. 

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16 dogs (and one cow) dressed as Easter bunnies for your enjoyment

Everyone loves Easter. Let’s face it, it’s an excuse to pig out on chocolate, spend time with your family, get two days of bank holiday, and contemplate life- but based on the evidence from the Internet, we’re not sure how much family pets enjoy Easter. They seem to spend the day in oversized ears for… Read more

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“Online job postings have more than tripled and half of all Americans are now using the internet to search for jobs. “ Michael Beckerman, IA President & CEO Washington, DC – Internet Association today released the August IA Industry Indicators: Jobs (3i Jobs) report, which presents monthly insights on the U.S. job market using data… Read more

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