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Looking to Upgrade Your IT System? Try Standing Up a Digital Services Team

Imagine having to operate critical government IT systems so obsolete that only programmers in retirement can update software. This is the situation public sector IT administrators at the state, local and federal level are experiencing during the Covid-19 pandemic—putting immense strain on government IT infrastructure. Public servants across the country are facing major roadblocks as… Read more

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Congress Must Act to Protect Americans’ Privacy

Protecting Americans’ data privacy has never been more important. Millions of Americans are relying on internet services to purchase basic household items, do their jobs, and stay connected with family and friends during the COVID-19 crisis. But even before the pandemic, brick and mortar stores, and main street businesses were collecting and using consumer data… Read more

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In Defense Of Innovation

Whenever we power up a phone, download an app or browse the web, we expect all our devices, software and platforms to work together seamlessly. That expectation is at the heart of the digital experiences we enjoy every day. Whether we’re playing a favorite song in a music streaming app and sound comes out of… Read more

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Passing USMCA Will Help US Companies Address Global Threats To Digital Trade

The word ‘internet’ isn’t in the original NAFTA. That’s hard to believe in 2020, but is helpful to understand why it is so important for the Senate to pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) as soon as possible. Groups that represent everyone from workers and manufacturers to farmers and consumers have praised the modernized trade… Read more

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Opinion: Arizona’s Modern Economy Needs USMCA

Every business in Arizona is an internet business. Whether it’s a bioscience startup in Tempe or a brewery in Flagstaff, companies of all sizes now use the internet to grow, advertise, and reach new customers from Tucson to Nogales. And so it may surprise you to learn that the rules governing trade with our two… Read more

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Americans Will Pay a Price for State Privacy Laws

The modern data economy is too big to regulate at the state level. The federal government has yet to act, and states are rushing to pass their own data privacy legislation, creating a patchwork of laws from coast to coast. Many of these laws are well-meaning, but their proliferation creates a real risk and a… Read more

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NAFTA Is Out Of Date. USMCA Should Be Approved Quickly.

From agriculture to manufacturing, Texas’ economic success depends on trade with international partners. Mexico and Canada are the state’s largest international trade partners, and the digital trade provisions in USMCA will help give the Texas economy a strong boost as we venture further into the 21st century.  Texas is the number one state in America for exports… Read more

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We Need A Modern, Fair, And Principled Set Of Data Privacy Rules

There’s increased recognition around the country — and in Mississippi specifically — that we need strong privacy rules to protect Americans and the data they share with businesses whether shopping for groceries or school supplies at their local shopping center or sharing a loved one’s birthday with their community of family and friends online. Mississippi’s… Read more

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Michael Beckerman: Why Do We Need A Federal Privacy Law? Ask The Data Brokers Selling Your Information

It’s an experience we’ve all had before: telemarketers calling during dinner or mailers show up from the postman, targeting us for products that we don’t need or want. Imagine a member of the military returning home from overseas and getting a mailer in their name with personal details from a company they’ve never heard of or done… Read more

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Congress Has A Critical Decision To Make About Future Of The Internet

There’s a lot of chatter among members of Congress about changing an obscure yet critically important law that’s made the Internet as we know it possible: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). As more lawmakers speak out about Section 230, it’s important to understand that this section of the law enables us all to have a… Read more

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Newsom and Office of Digital Innovation

California is the innovation capital of the world, but its government services lag decades behind in using modern technology to deliver citizen services. Governor Newsom’s budget proposal to include a request for the creation of a digital service is a welcome first step to address the state’s antiquated IT infrastructure. Californians expect a seamless experience… Read more

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The Free Market Gave Us The Internet — Let’s Not Take It Away

America leads the world in innovation and technology. Yet, there are some in Washington who are putting our success at risk by attacking internet companies for political expediency. Seven out of the top 10 internet companies in the world were founded in the U.S. Stifling innovation through baseless new regulations would be turning our back… Read more

Latest News

Washington, DC – IA Senior Director, Federal Government Affairs and Counsel Mike Lemon released the following statement on the passage of the EARN IT Act in The Senate Judiciary Committee: “The internet industry shares the Senate Judiciary Committee’s goal of ending child exploitation online and appreciates their continued efforts to improve the EARN IT Act…. Read more

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