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The internet is a valuable resource for local businesses that are just getting started or looking to reinvent themselves. In Taunton, a jewelry store, real estate business, fitness facility, and history museum all use the internet everyday to expand their reach and take their businesses to the next level.

Congressman Joe Kennedy (D-MA) and representatives from Internet Association member companies visited Taunton, one of the oldest and most historic towns in Massachusetts, to meet with local business owners and community leaders. Pacheco’s Jewelry, Joe Turco Group, Old Colony Museum, and Sheepdog Athletics participated in the crawl and offered perspective into how they use the internet to grow and succeed.

Taunton has been around for a long time and it’s gone through a series of reinventions … now being home to one of the largest industrial parks. You’ve got everything there from basic industries, such as electrical workers, to up and coming industries, like biotechnology. It’s a great home for business here in Massachusetts.

Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-MA)

Pacheco’s Jewelry

Our first stop in Taunton was Pacheco’s Jewelry, a family-run business since 1993. Owner Lou Pacheco explained how the internet has enabled his business to grow by providing an inexpensive way to reach new and existing customers. Pacheco’s Jewelry uses social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to advertise and showcase their high-quality jewelry to a large audience.

We find the internet to be relatively inexpensive and … able to reach a lot of people that we would normally not reach. And we find the internet reaching people for us without us even advertising.

Lou Pacheco, Owner of Pacheco Jewelry

Joe Turco Group

At our next stop, we visited Joe Turco Group, a local real estate company dedicated to serving the Taunton community. Owner Joe Turco described how the internet has transformed the real estate industry by providing new opportunities for exposure, making it easier for agencies to reach buyers and sellers. Online real estate and rental marketplace Zillow enables Joe Turco Group to showcase the properties they’re selling in a better way. They also use their Facebook page to post photos and video tours of properties to drive sales.

Some of the things that are most helpful about having the internet for a real estate business is the fact of exposure. It enables us to showcase ourselves and showcase the properties that we’re selling in a better way.

Joe Turco, Owner of Joe Turco Group

Sheepdog Athletics

Next, we visited Sheepdog Athletics, a leading fitness facility in Taunton. Owner Tonya Miller explained that the facility is dedicated to helping Taunton residents reach their health and fitness goals and unleash their inner athlete through safe, effective, and engaging fitness classes. Sheepdog Athletics relies heavily on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to promote workouts and their website in local search results.

Social media plays a huge role in what we do every single day. We want to make sure that we get as much free content out to people as possible. We use our Facebook page basically for everything. Facebook is our lifeline. It’s pretty much the easiest way for a small business to get out into the community.

Tonya Miller, Owner of Sheepdog Athletics

Old Colony Museum

At our final stop in Taunton, we met with Old Colony Museum Curator Bronson Michaud. Michaud highlighted how the museum uses Facebook and other social media platforms to update and refine their collections. These platforms allows the museum to easily collect the history of new pieces and exhibits. This has enhanced the museum’s prideful mission of being “the keeper of this history.”

We use the internet on a daily basis. Most of our interactions at this point as far as receiving donations, be they monetary or physical objects donated to our collection, we use social media.

Bronson Michaud, Curator at Old Colony Museum

Fun Fact

Massachusetts is home to over 6,100 internet companies and employs more than 95,000 American internet sector jobs.

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