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The Free Market Gave Us The Internet — Let’s Not Take It Away

  • date icon February 21, 2019
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    • Christopher Hooton, Ph.D.
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Originally Appeared: Newsmax on February 14, 2019

America leads the world in innovation and technology. Yet, there are some in Washington who are putting our success at risk by attacking internet companies for political expediency. Seven out of the top 10 internet companies in the world were founded in the U.S. Stifling innovation through baseless new regulations would be turning our back on what makes our internet economy and technology companies the envy of the world.

America is the land of opportunity where we are self-motivated doers, risk-takers, and entrepreneurs. We solve complex problems and pioneer new solutions. Our freedom to test new ideas with free market competition has made the United States home to the most inventive, highest value-creating technology sector in the world. American entrepreneurs can envision, test, revise, fund, and scale ideas faster and better than anywhere else. And that’s made American tech companies the peerless leaders they are today.

But their success isn’t guaranteed and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Decades ago, American government leaders chose a permissionless-innovation approach to the internet that empowers anybody from anywhere with a great idea and a bit of know-how to make their idea a reality. Entrepreneurs aren’t singled out with special regulations, though like everyone else, they must follow general purpose laws.

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