ICYMI Video: The Internet & Global Trade

On January 29, 2015, the Internet Association and three Internet-enabled small businesses hosted Congressional staffers for a briefing on digital trade. Each small business at the briefing conveyed the message that Internet issues are trade issues, and described some of their challenges doing business abroad.

ICYMI- Internet Companies Take Aim at Wireless Net Neutrality as Debate Rages On

In Case You Missed It, The Internet Association released a survey Tuesday showing that a vast majority of the American people would support net neutrality rules applying to their wireless phones.

ICYMI- Discrimination has no place on the Internet

In Case You Missed It, since its inception as a small network designed to help academics share their research and computing resources, the Internet has been self-regulated and governed by principles of openness and non-discrimination.

ICYMI- Large Internet Companies Avoid “Slowdown,” but Offer Their Two Cents on Fast Lanes

In Case You Missed It, neither Google nor Facebook participated today in the “Internet Slowdown” protest of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s fast-lanes net neutrality proposal. But they want you to know that they, too, don’t like the idea of paid prioritization.

ICYMI- Websites to Protest Net Neutrality Plan

In Case You Missed It, dozens of Web companies and advocacy groups are planning an online protest Wednesday to urge regulators to ban any fast lanes on the Internet.

ICYMI- Web lobby nabs FTC official

In Case You Missed It, former Federal Trade Commission lawyer, Abigail Slater, is the Internet Association’s new vice president of legal and regulatory policy, the group announced on Thursday.

ICYMI- Web Firms are Learning how to Play Politics

In Case You Missed It, Internet startups may be new to the political process, but the larger tech industry is not.

ICYMI- Don’t let Sacramento Stifle Innovative New Businesses like Uber and Lyft

In Case You Missed It, just as Silicon Valley is a hotbed for innovation, Sacramento is a hotbed for regulation. Those two impulses are clashing now over a new generation of tech companies that uses smartphone apps to connect ride-seekers with drivers.

ICYMI- It’s Hard To Be Neutral About Network Neutrality For Health

In Case You Missed It, network neutrality impacts the triple aim—improving quality and the patient experience, reducing costs, and improving population health—because virtually all of the information collected in these areas is transmitted through some type of Internet service provider.

ICYMI- A small business ‘crawl’ in Fresno

In Case You Missed It, the Internet plays a large role in positioning California as the world’s eighth largest economy. California reaps the benefits of the Internet economy on a daily basis; these benefits are felt statewide, far beyond Silicon Valley.

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IA and Columbia’s Richard Paul Richman Center today released a new research paper entitled, “Toward A Better Understanding Of Internet Economics.”

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