date icon September 30, 2013 category icon Letters

The Internet Association Signs Letter Supporting Congressional Transparency Legislation

The Internet Association signs letter supporting transparency legislation in Congress.

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date icon August 20, 2013 category icon Letters Press Releases

Tech Groups Urge Stronger Privacy Protections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Leading technology trade associations are urging the White House and Congress to take new steps to reform government collection of private data — steps that the groups believe will better protect civil liberties while keeping doors open to innovation in the digital economy.

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date icon August 20, 2013 category icon Letters Other

Tech Letter on Ways to Protect Civil Liberties in Gov’t Data Collection

Excerpt: We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the discussions surrounding privacy and civil liberties that the Administration has convened regarding the scope and operation of the U.S. government’s surveillance programs. As a follow up to the meeting at the White House on August 6, 2013, we offer the following recommendations to the Administration and…

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date icon July 1, 2013 category icon Letters Other

The Internet Association Letter to FTC on COPPA

Excerpt:  The Internet Association and our members share the Commission’s strong commitment to protecting children’s online privacy.  We are writing to express concern, however, that a recently added COPPA Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) has created uncertainty that could make full compliance by the July 1, 2013, effective date unrealistic.  In particular, COPPA FAQ D.5, which attempts…

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date icon May 10, 2013 category icon Letters Other

USTR Comments Concerning Proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement

Excerpt: The Internet Association appreciates the opportunity to provide written comments regarding its view on the proposed United States (U.S.) and European Union (EU) trade agreement, known as the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). As the United States Trade Representative works with U.S. government agencies and consults with Congress in developing a strategic proposal for the TTIP agreement, we hope our comments will serve as a guide for USTR to ensure that this agreement includes 21 promote innovation, jobs, and democratic discourse.

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date icon April 22, 2013 category icon Letters Other

SIGNED ON: DDP ECPA Letter of Support

DDP ECPA Letter of Support_4.22.13

date icon April 22, 2013 category icon Letters

The Internet Association Signs Digital Due Process Coalition ECPA Letter of Support

Excerpt: We, the undersigned companies and organizations, are writing to express our support for Chairman Leahy’s and Sen. Lee’s ECPA Amendments Act, S. 607, which the Committee will consider shortly. The bill would update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) to provide stronger protection to sensitive personal and proprietary communications stored in “the cloud.” We urge all Members of the Committee to support the bill.

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date icon April 5, 2013 category icon Letters


Exerpt: The Internet Association commends the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for holding their December 2012 Workshop and current comment proceeding on the significant and growing concerns raised by patent assertion entities (PAEs) and by patent abuses that are commonly, although neither universally nor exclusively, associated with PAEs. The Internet Association is pleased to submit the following comments and looks forward to continuing discussion and investigation regarding this important policy area.

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date icon March 8, 2013 category icon Letters Other

The Internet Association FTC Data Collection Workshop Comment

Excerpt: Thank you for the opportunity to provide this comment on the topics discussed at the Federal Trade Commission’s recent workshop on “Comprehensive Online Data Collection.” To read the Internet Association’s letter, click here.    

date icon February 5, 2013 category icon Letters Other

The Internet Association Letter on Protecting Global Internet Freedom

Excerpt: We at The Internet Association believe that maintaining a free and innovative Internet is critical to the platform’s continued growth and development and will ultimately lead to global economic success, technological innovation, and democratic discourse. We commend Congress for unanimously passing resolutions in support of the Internet’s current bottom-up, decentralized, and multi-stakeholder model and urge the…

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Washington, DC – Internet Association Director of Cloud Policy and Counsel Alla Seiffert issued the following statement upon the House passage of the Federal CIO Authorization Act of 2018: “The internet industry commends the House of Representatives for passing the Federal CIO Authorization Act. This bipartisan legislation demonstrates a strong commitment to empower the Federal…

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