ICYMI- Power Play 5/21/2013- Michael Beckerman on Fox News: Immigration Reform (Video)

In Case You Missed It, Michael Beckerman on Fox News Powerplay talks about immigration reform.

ICYMI- Michael Beckerman and Bob Goodlatte talk about the Internet Association Small Business Crawls (Video)

In Case You Missed It, on May 5, 2013 Michael Beckerman was on Fox News America News Headquarters with House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (VA-06) talking about The Internet Association Small Business Crawls: How the Internet is Helping Small Businesses.

ICYMI- The New Lobbyists: Tech Takes Washington (Video)

In Case You Missed It, Megan Hughes reports on tech companies lobbying in Washington, DC on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

ICYMI- Power Play 4/22/13- Michael Beckerman on Fox News, Cyber Security and Internet Taxation

In Case You Missed It, New Challenges for Immigration Deal. Plus – The internet security battle.

ICYMI- ABC 13- Internet Crawl in Downtown Lynchburg

In Case You Missed It, Michael Beckerman was on ABC News 13 for an Internet Small Business Crawl in Downtown Lynchburg, VA.

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