#Internet Of Good

Every day, people use the internet to make a positive impact on their lives and within their communities. Follow along with #InternetOfGood where we’ll be highlighting stories from around the country - and the world - of people using the internet to make the world a better place.

Feed The Frontlines

Originally published by: Fox News
Title: NYC Restaurateur Delivers Hundreds of Donated Meals to Health Care Workers During Coronavirus

An NYC restaurant owner took to social media to raise money for frontline workers combating #COVID19. After gaining traction on social media, he launched a website called Feed the Frontlines, ultimately raising over $1m to provide meals to those on the frontlines.

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Fur-Ever Homes

Originally published by: Fox News
Title: Animal Shelters Using Innovative Strategies Amid COVID-19 Concerns

Animal shelters around the country are using social media to reach millions of people to continue helping animals find their forever homes during #COVID19.

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Stronger Together

Originally published by: Business Insider
Title: How I've Been Using Free Virtual Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings To Connect And Stay Sober While In COVID-19 Isolation

Millions of people around the world are using video chats to stay sober during #COVID19. Social isolation can be dangerous for recovering addicts, so Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups are hosting online meetings to continue supporting those who need it.

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Zoo From Home

Originally published by: Today
Title: Penguin Cams Go Viral As Aquariums And Zoos Turn To Livestreams

Zoos and aquariums around the country are getting creative during #COVID19 by turning to social media for daily live streams of various animal exhibits. Hundreds of thousands of viewers tune in every day to keep up with their favorite animals.

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RVs 4 MDs

Originally published by: CNN
Title: A Facebook Group Matches RVs That Are Sitting Idle With Health Care Workers Who Need A Place To Isolate After Long Hospital Shifts

A Texas mom used Facebook to find an RV her husband could park close to home and use between his ER shifts on the #COVID19 floor. After a neighbor stepped up to help, the two launched #RVs4MDs to help other families facing similar situations across the country.

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A Tight-Knit Community

Originally published by: Today
Title: This Anti-Bullying Advocate Is Hosting Virtual Knitting Circles

An anti-bullying advocate is bringing people together through live, virtual knitting sessions during #COVID19. She’s reaching hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook every week to build her #HatNotHate community while doing something she loves.

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Club Quarantine

Originally published by: The New York Times
Title: The Hottest Parties in Town Are Now Online

A DJ set to perform at SXSW and Coachella decided to host Instagram Live parties after #COVID19 postponed the music festivals.

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All Hands On Deck

Originally published by: NBC New York
Title: Two NYC 20-Somethings Extend ‘Invisible Hands’ To Older, At-Risk Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic

Two college students wanted to lend a helping hand to their at-risk neighbors during the #COVID19 pandemic, so they decided to launch a site called Invisible Hands to help organize thousands of volunteers in NYC and beyond.

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Virtual Tip Of The Hat

Originally published by: CBS 6 Albany
Title: Service Workers Survive On "Virtual Tips" During Coronavirus Restaurant Shutdown

After receiving a tip from a regular on Venmo, an Albany bartender wanted to share the wealth. She made a spreadsheet so locals can virtually tip their favorite bartenders/servers that’s been shared over 200 times on Facebook.

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Originally published by: Twitter
Title: #RitasQuilt

People from across the country are coming together through Instagram to finish a massive quilting project started by a woman at 99 years old.

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“A Good Place”

Originally published by: The Outline

“Lower Duck Pond” is an online “town” with 87,000+ residents who create a community through improv-style conversations on the subreddit r/HaveWeMet. It’s quickly grown into an “internet escape where everyone’s your friend.”

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Originally published by: The New York Times
Title: I’m A Disabled Teenager, And Social Media Is My Lifeline

In an essay for the New York Times, a disabled teen shared how social media is her lifeline: “Cultivating my own space on the internet helped me thrive outside the pigeonhole.”

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