#Internet Of Good

Every day, people use the internet to make a positive impact on their lives and within their communities. Follow along with #InternetOfGood where we’ll be highlighting stories from around the country - and the world - of people using the internet to make the world a better place.

Lights, Camera, Action

Originally published by: Twitter
Title: Kacey Musgraves Visits Tom’s One Hour Photo In LA

Singer Kacey Musgraves visited a one-hour photo shop in LA that’s been around since the early 90s. After hearing that business has slowed over the years, the Grammy winner created an Instagram page for the shop and helped it get a wave of new customers.

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Lunch Buddies

Originally published by: CBS News
Title: After Story About Freshman’s Terrible First Day Of School Goes Viral, Upperclassmen Befriend Him At Lunch

A tweet about a highschool freshman’s rough first day of school went viral. Then his classmates stepped up, introduced themselves, and gave him new friends and lunch pals.

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Knitting Glory

Originally published by: WTOP
Title: Hip To Knit: How Social Media Is Expanding The Knitting Community

Social media is revitalizing the knitting and crocheting community by bringing knitters of all ages and backgrounds together online.

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It Takes A Village

Originally published by: News Leader
Title: Facebook Group Helps Waynesboro Moms Find Community - Online And In Real Life

A new mom realized she wasn’t able to continue traveling long distances to meet up with her mommy support groups, so she started a virtual one on Facebook instead.

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A+ Community

Originally published by: CBS Denver
Title: Online Community Helps Teacher Out Before First Day Of School

A schoolteacher posted the items she needed for the new school year online, and her community stepped up to help fill her classroom with joy.

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Always Connected

Originally published by: Buzzfeed News
Title: A Woman Tweeted A Picture Of A Man Who Had Shown Her Kindness As A Child Refugee. Within 36 Hours They Were Reunited.

A former child refugee recently reconnected with a kind stranger who gave her a bike when she was only 5 years old in a camp in the Netherlands after sharing her story and his photo on Twitter.

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The Great Plate

Originally published by: ABC News
Title: How An Online Stranger Came To One Family’s Rescue To Replace A Beloved Broken Dinner Plate

A girl accidentally broke her autistic brother’s favorite plate, and the internet immediately stepped in to help.

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Rock On!

Originally published by: The Baltimore Sun
Title: Arbutus ‘Rocks’: Online Community Inspires Creativity, Community

Facebook groups around painting, hiding, and searching for rocks inspires communities to connect.

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Unparalleled Online Support

Originally published by: CNET
Title: How Facebook Helps People With HIV Shed The Stigma And Shame

Facebook groups like The Institute of Many provide an essential, stigma-free environment for HIV-positive people to build a support community and share life experiences.

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Pupdate Your Giving

Originally published by: TheThings.com
Title: Dog-Lover Instagram Account Raises Money To Help Dogs

The creator of the popular We Rate Dogs Twitter page is using his platform to not only share and rate photos of adorable dogs, but also to help raise money for pets in need through GoFundMe.

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Originally published by: KOCO News 5 ABC
Title: Man Orders Uber Ride To Rehabilitation Center For Injured Bird

When you don’t want to drive home after a night out but still want to save the wildlife…call an Uber .

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Donation Station

Originally published by: People
Title: Single Mom Asks For 69 Cent Electricity Donation - And Money Pours In

A single mom struggling to pay her electricity bill turned to Twitter for help – the response from the online community left her stunned.

“People on social media are amazing. I just appreciate each and every one who helped me by sending electricity, money or just retweeted. It means a lot to me. I’d like to thank everyone.”

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