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Every day, people use the internet to make a positive impact on their lives and within their communities. Follow along with #InternetOfGood where we’ll be highlighting stories from around the country - and the world - of people using the internet to make the world a better place.

Modern Love

Originally published by: Insider Edition
Title: High School Sweethearts Marry 57 Years Later: ‘We Never Imagined This In A Million Years’

1960s high school sweethearts married each other after accidentally reconnecting 50+ years later through a social networking site for former students.

“I was happy. In a way, I was [on the site] trying to find her, too.”

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Food For The Hungry

Originally published by: CNN
Title: She makes sure unwanted food gets to hungry Americans

An online nonprofit and donation service called MEANS was founded by a high school freshman to help alleviate issues of food waste and feeding the hungry in the U.S.

“There was nothing that really allowed us to communicate in an efficient way… The Internet was right in front of us!”

MEANS has helped redistribute more than 1.8 million pounds of food since 2015 and serves about 3,000 partners in 48 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

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Treat Time!

Originally published by: Geek.com
Title: This Pet Feeder Uses Facial Recognition So The Right Pet Gets The Treats

Italian company Volta is trying to improve the often chaotic feeding time in homes with more than one pet. The Mookie, an AI-driven pet feeder, uses facial recognition to release food to the right animal in multi-pet homes.

“The bowl can be connected to a dedicated smartphone application to record pet usage and monitor the amount of food present, while also alerting the owner to the need to resupply.”

Silvio Revelli, CEO of Volta

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Nothing But Net

Originally published by: Business Insider
Title: Google Cloud Will Help The Golden State Warriors Play Better Basketball

The Golden State Warriors partnered with Google Cloud to leverage analytics technology to track and organize data to help the team improve their game play.

“Today, 70% of the Golden State Warriors analytics team’s time is spent collecting and shaping data and only 30% of time is spent analyzing it”

Kirk Lacob, assistant general manager and vice president of GSW Sports Ventures at the Warriors
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Brain Waves

Originally published by: Columbia University Faculty of Arts and Science: Neuroscience News
Title: Columbia Engineers Translate Brain Signals Directly Into Speech

@Columbia neuroengineers created a system to translate brain activity into intelligible, recognizable speech using AI and speech synthesizers.

“We found that people could understand and repeat the sounds about 75% of the time.”

Nima Mesgarani, PhD, Columbia University

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Surf’s Up

Originally published by: The New York Times
Title: At Surf Camp 2.0, Data Rules

A resort in Costa Rica is using tech and video capabilities to provide a data-driven approach to evaluating surfing techniques for everyone from beginners to experts.

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Digitally Connected Seniors

Originally published by: News Observer
Title: How A Raleigh Startup Is Helping Senior-Living Communities Step Into The Digital Age

North Carolina startup K4Connect is working with dozens of senior-living providers & communities to seamlessly connect multiple devices in their homes to help manage daily tasks.

“These types of technologies for older adults can help them live more independent, vibrant lives.”

Derrick Minor, Manager, People Operations for K4Connect
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Visual Volunteers

Originally published by: The Washington Post
Title: Answering a quick video call to help a blind person is ‘so awesome’

BeMyEyes is a free mobile app that connects visually impaired people with 1.8 million volunteers – who speak more than 180 languages – for help with daily tasks, such as matching an outfit or locating missing car keys.

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The free app has connected more than 100K visually impaired people with an individual from a pool of 1.8 million volunteers for person-to-person calls.

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Growing Families

Originally published by: Newsday
Title: And social media makes 3: New generation of parents adopt using Facebook, Instagram

An Oregon couple created a website & social media pages to reach expectant mothers considering private adoption. They shared photos of themselves, their dog, & other interests & used relevant hashtags to get in front of the right people.

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Where’s Fluffy?

Originally published by: Associated Press
Title: Facial recognition tool aims to help reunite pets, owners

Our first #InternetOfGood story is about the @BARCS_SHELTER, which recently became the first organization in Baltimore to use facial recognition software & algorithms to identify missing pets & alert their owners.

Story Factoid: The software picked the correct animal 98% of the time.

“We’ve helped reunite owners with more than 15,000 missing pets since 2013.”

– John Polimeno, Founder of Finding Rover
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