#Internet Of Good

Every day, people use the internet to make a positive impact on their lives and within their communities. Follow along with #InternetOfGood where we’ll be highlighting stories from around the country - and the world - of people using the internet to make the world a better place.

Who Runs The Business? Women

Originally published by: American City Business Journals: Minnesota
Title: This Minnesota Startup Built A National Directory Of Women-Owned Businesses

Two women launched MAIA in 2018 with the goal of creating a guide for finding and supporting women-owned businesses around the country.

What we envision having is this awesome community where women-owned businesses have the light and love and exposure they need to reach consumers and jumpstart a successful business.

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Sisters Traveling Solo

Originally published by: Essence
Title: This Woman Started A Company That Encourages Black Women To Travel Solo

Online communities like Sisters Traveling Solo connect women travelers to share stories, tips, and other information to inspire one another to step out of their comfort zone and travel the world.

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Need A Chore Chart? There’s An App For That

Originally published by: The Wall Street Journal
Title: How Kids’ Allowance Works In The Smartphone Age

Innovative apps like RoosterMoney and goHenry are helping parents and kids organize and manage their chore lists, allowance tracking, and budgeting.

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Originally published by: KOCO News 5 ABC
Title: Project CommUNITY: Oklahoma Woman Creates Facebook Group To Help Teachers With School Supplies

A local Oklahoma resident started a Facebook page to help teachers find donations for school supplies, changing the lives of teachers and students in the state.

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Shooting For The Stars

Originally published by: The New York Times
Title: She Couldn’t Afford To Take A NASA Internship. Internet Strangers Stepped In.

A single mother getting her Ph.D in physics at Georgia State University couldn’t afford an internship offer from @NASA — until strangers on the internet stepped in to help.

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Everyone Needs Trade

Originally published by: Global Innovation Forum
Title: The New Faces Of American Trade

Innovative small businesses all across the country – like Lil’ Sidekick – rely on free and open trade to ship their products worldwide and grow.

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RIP Grumpy Cat

Originally published by: The Washington Post
Title: Grumpy Cat Has Died. The Internet-Famous Feline With The Perpetually Miserable Mug Was 7

Grumpy Cat’s iconic facial expression will be forever remembered for making everyone feel good.

“Grumpy Cat has helped millions of people smile around the world – even when times were tough.”

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Bedtime Stories

Originally published by: The Washington Post
Title: This Elementary School Principal Reads Books on Facebook To Ensure Her Students Have A Bedtime Story

An elementary school principal in Texas takes to Homer Drive Elementary’s Facebook Live each week for “Tucked-in Tuesdays” where she reads to her students in pajamas before bedtime.

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Originally published by: Forbes
Title: #Trashtag Challenge Goes Viral As People Share Before/After Photos Of Their Cleanup

Have you heard of the #TrashTag challenge? This new viral social media challenge encourages trash clean ups in local communities.

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Donut Worry

Originally published by: Newsweek
Title: Tweet Of ‘Sad’ Doughnut Shop Owner In Empty Store Goes Viral, Public Comes To The Rescue And Food Sells Out

After struggling to attract customers to their new donut store, Billy’s Donuts, the owner’s son posted a photo of his dad behind a fully-stocked donut display, which quickly went viral and resulted in the store selling out just 48 hours later.

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Streaming For Charity

Originally published by: Fortune
Title: Fortnite Gamer Raised $1.3 Million For St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital In 2018

Fortnite gamer DrLupo hosted a 24-hour livestream on Twitch to interact with viewers and raise thousands of dollars for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. #BuildAgainstCancer

One of the best parts of being a streamer is seeing communities of people form, and working with those communities to help benefit others and leave a legacy of positivity.

Benjamin Lupo
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Helping Hands

Originally published by: Good News Network
Title: This Kindness App Pairs People With Problems To Neighbors Who Have The Specific Solution

An app called Chummy helps spread kindness by connecting people in need of help with daily tasks with those in their community that can lend a hand.

“Reciprocal help, kind hearts and open minds are our pillars.”

Chummy Website
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