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Internet Association Announces Recipients of First Annual California Internet Champions Award

Assemblyman Calderon and Assemblyman Perea Honored for Pro-Internet Advocacy and Leadership


Sacramento, CA – The Internet Association announced today that California Assembly Members Ian Calderon and Henry T. Perea are being honored as 2014 Internet Champions for their advocacy and leadership on Internet-related issues in the State Legislature. Assemblyman Perea and Assemblyman Calderon have been champions of the Internet economy, natural leaders on technology issues, and have helped rally their colleagues around legislation that supports growth and opportunity for Californians.

“Assemblyman Perea and Assemblyman Calderon have both recognized the potential of the Internet for California businesses and residents, and have set a precedent of thoughtful legislative leadership on technology issues,” said Robert Callahan, California Executive Director for the Internet Association. “We are grateful for their efforts, and hope that California policymakers follow their example, continuing to foster innovation and growth in the Internet economy.”

Today marks the inaugural presentation of the Internet Association’s Internet Champions award, recognizing California state legislators who have distinguished themselves as vanguards of the Internet economy. The awards will be presented at the Internet Association’s Session Kickoff Event this evening in Sacramento.

Assemblyman Ian Calderon (AD 57 – Whittier) has taken the lead on many Internet and technology issues since assuming office in 2012. As Chair of the Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, & Internet Media Committee, he ensured that California’s robust Internet economy and innovation ecosystem were key considerations in all Internet policy debates. As a well-versed and knowledgeable advocate on Internet issues, Calderon is a natural choice for the Internet Champion recognition. ‘

Assemblyman Henry T. Perea (AD 31 – Fresno) has been a long-time advocate for pro-Internet policies in the Assembly and a leader for the technology sector. His tireless leadership has helped ensure that the innovation economy is a key consideration in every Internet policy debate and that laws coming out of Sacramento support continued growth in the Golden State’s homegrown Internet sector. In August, he joined the Internet Association for a Small Business Crawl in Fresno, which highlighted the ways in which local businesses use the Internet to grow, connect with their customers, and reach new audiences.