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State of the Union Addresses Need for Patent Reform

The Internet Association applauds the President’s commitment to fight patent trolls


Washington, D.C. — Tonight, Michael Beckerman, President and CEO of The Internet Association released a statement applauding President Obama’s State of the Union mention on patent reform:

“The days of patent trolls taking $80 billion a year out of our economy and terrorizing innovative and hard working businesses, are numbered. American businesses large and small are cheering the President’s call tonight. Abuse of the broken patent system by patent trolls hurt main street businesses, as well as the Internet industry.

“Congress must pass effective legislation that not only decreases patent litigation abuse, but also strengthens patent quality. The Internet Association remains steadfast in its commitment to fight patent trolls. We support the bipartisan efforts by Congress and the White House to end the harmful patent troll behavior that is impeding small business development and economic growth. We look forward to seeing quick movement from the Senate as they consider patent legislation.”