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Could This Man Lure You to a Party?

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This Man Lure You to a Party?
Posted: March 14, 2013 11:55

Organizers and observers are already semi-drooling over Michael Beckerman, CEO of The Internet Association, which is aiming to be the unified voice of the Internet economy .

The organization celebrates its launch tonight at Capitale on K Street. Handling the event is BrandLinkDC for those who wish to see him in the flesh. But be forewarned: He isn’t married, but has a serious girlfriend, so behave appropriately.

A former Capitol Hill rat, Beckerman was previously deputy staff director for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, policy director for Rep. Fred Upton and a legislative director for Congressman Mike Conaway

The Association’s members include Yahoo!, Amazon, TripAdvisor, Linkedin, Monster, airbnb, Expedia, ebay and more.

“The largest foe is just a misunderstanding of how the Internet works,” Beckerman, not just a pretty face, told Adweek in an interview late last year. “Individual companies are better suited in dealing with their users and customers than the government. Laws and regulations get written based on what we know today and aren’t mindful of innovations that might occur a year or five years from now.”

The party runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.