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Internet on Main Street Tour Hits Austin

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Internet on Main Street tour recently stopped in Austin to highlight local entrepreneurs using the Internet in innovative ways to grow their businesses and create jobs. During SXSW this month, The Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman was joined by Congressman Blake Farenthold (TX-27), the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the Austin Independent Small Business Alliance, the City of Austin, and the small business community on a business crawl along South Congress. The tour included stops at some Austin South Congress business staples including: Wet Salon, Parts & Labour, Heritage Boots, Lingo-Live, and Home Slice Pizza.

“The Internet opens up a whole new way for small businesses and consumers to communicate with the government,” said U.S. Congressman Blake Farenthold. “With just a click of the mouse you can be an advocate for whatever cause you want. It is important to advance public policy solutions that strengthen the Internet and encourage innovation.”

“In every city and town across America, the Internet is creating jobs and growing the economy in new and unexpected ways; we came to Austin during SXSW to showcase where and how this is happening,” said The Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman. “Our small business crawl, targeting entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas, cemented the fact that the Internet has moved to Main Street. Highlighting these brick and mortar businesses along with local startups will be a key component of our messaging as we educate lawmakers that the Internet impacts every sector of the economy. ”

In coming months, the Internet on Main Street tour will continue with small business crawls in Virginia, Kansas, and Maryland.