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Statement In Support Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP):


“The Internet industry is encouraged that the TPP recognizes the Internet as an essential American export, and supports the agreement’s passage. Historically, pro-Internet policies have been absent from trade agreements, which is why the TPP is an important step forward for the Internet sector that accounts for 6 percent of the GDP and nearly 3 million American jobs.

“The TPP requires countries to allow the transfer of information across borders and prohibits requirements to use inefficient, localized computing facilities. The TPP also acknowledges the benefits of the full scope of copyright law – requiring countries to adopt innovation-critical limitations and exceptions as well as safe harbors that protect the basic functionality of the Internet, social media, and online platforms. For too long, U.S. trade agreements have failed to reflect the balance of U.S. copyright law under which individual creators, right holders, Internet platforms and users have all benefitted. The TPP is a move in the right direction. Finally, the TPP promotes a more inclusive trade economy by supporting the ability of small businesses to use the Internet to serve customers and users in key markets.

“It will be critical that the TPP is implemented in a way that supports the Internet economy. The Internet industry is committed to working with U.S. trade officials and Congress to ensure that future trade negotiations build upon this framework and reflect the priorities of all stakeholders, including a rapidly growing Internet sector.”