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Statement on Trade Promotion Authority Report Language

Washington, D.C. – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issues the following statement on recently introduced Trade Promotion Authority report language:

“The Internet’s growth as an important platform for modern commerce and trade hinges on sound U.S. trade policy. In its current form, the legislative text of Trade Promotion Authority does not explicitly reflect the full balance of U.S. copyright law, nor does it fully take into account the benefits of Internet innovation on the global economy. Despite these shortcomings, we are pleased to see that the Senate Finance and House Ways & Means Committees have offered further guidance through important report language that trade policy should embrace a balanced approach to copyright policy. This clarification is a positive step towards ensuring the Internet’s continued success in the global marketplace as a great American export. As we continue to examine closely our nation’s trade deals, we look forward to Congress enacting a Trade Promotion Authority along side customs reauthorization that advances sound Internet policies globally.”