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Statement on Senate’s Failure to Act on Patent Reform

Washington, D.C. –  The Internet Association’s President and CEO, Michael Beckerman issues the following statement regarding the status of patent reform in the Senate:

“The delay on a patent reform vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee is deeply disappointing. Patent abuse harms thousands of businesses – both small and large – from retailers to credit unions to main street businesses and the Internet community, as well as millions of consumers. Every day that reform is delayed is a win for patent trolls and a loss for hardworking Americans.

Last year, pro-reform stakeholders and consumer advocates united behind consensus patent reform legislation that passed the House of Representatives. It received the support of 325 Members of the House – a majority from both parties – and it was backed by President Obama. If it is not possible for the Senate Judiciary Committee to proceed with its own legislation, the Internet Association calls on Senate Majority Leader Reid to stand with innovators and bring the House-passed Innovation Act to the floor of the Senate for an up or down vote.”