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Statement on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Copyright Green Paper

In light of yesterday’s Copyright Green Paper by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, The Internet Association encourages all stakeholders to embrace the new reality – the Internet industry is providing innovative ways for consumers to legally access content. It is expected that some interest groups will use this paper as a call for Washington to craft new laws addressing online infringement. However, under existing copyright law, the Internet promotes creativity and enriches the marketplace. For the first time ever, three original series distributed exclusively over the Internet have been the recipients of a total of 14 Emmy nominations. Ironically, one of them, House of Cards, is a story about Washington politics.

We applaud Chairman Goodlatte and Congressman Watt for recognizing the intersection of content and technology. We strongly believe that this relationship benefits creators and also provides consumers with a rich array of content that they can legally access how they want, when they want. The Internet Association hopes that Washington moves beyond tired, decades-old politics pitting the Internet against rights holders and keeps in mind the larger picture.