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ICYMI – “The people’s Web” must be protected

In Case You Missed It, Dominic Basulto gave a lighthearted shout out to our YouTube Video from our launch in his Washington Post blog post today, The Internet: We built it. He said “Oh, and there’s a cool introductory video for IA complete with Nyan Cat and other references to the Internet’s greatest hits.” His article was strong and he affirmed our point and platform for Internet freedom. We agree that Congress “should be thinking long-term and talking about keeping it cool for kids to finish school, study programming and make their first job working at a startup with the potential to change the world.” Mr. Basulto, you are right, We the People built the Internet. We also appreciate that he got the point of our video… that our video represents “what the real job of the IA needs to be — to ensure that the Internet continues to be the freewheeling, cat-loving and meme-inspiring place we’ve all comet to know and love.” We agree with him that “the people’s Web” must be protected.

We want your feedback. What do you think of our video? What do you think Internet Freedom means?

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