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Internet: Supercharger of Today’s Economy




WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Internet Association, the unified voice of the Internet economy, released a video today that showcases the powerful economic benefits of the Internet.

“The Internet is our economic supercharger,” said Michael Beckerman, The Internet Association President and CEO . “The Internet is the fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy–creating jobs, enriching lives and increasing competitiveness and access every day.  This video is a visual reminder of the way that the Internet is empowering not just the American economy, but our global economy.  No matter how big or small, via the Internet, anyone and everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the economy in a major way.”

“The Internet economy is powerful, impacting every economic sector across the globe, and empowering users of all walks of life,” said Beckerman. “Albeit individuals or families, small businesses or big businesses, buyers or sellers, students or teachers, the Internet bolsters business, connections, and collaboration, and empowers users in new and unexpected ways. The Internet Association will continue our work to protect the interests of this vital and vibrant economic sector.”

This video comes on the heels of The Internet Association’s recent study that illustrates the positive U.S. economic impact of Internet-enabled, part-time businesses. The study found that Internet enabled part-time businesses employ roughly 6.6 million workers, pay 800 million in wages and generate about $141 billion in annual revenue to the overall GDP. The study was commissioned by The Internet Association and conducted by market research firm, Harris Interactive. The full report can be viewed here.