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The Internet Association Statement on ITU Move To Regulate the Internet

December 13, 2012
Contact: Betsy Barrett 202-997-3266 /

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Michael Beckerman, the President and CEO of The Internet Association issued the following statement regarding the ITU’s move to regulate the Internet:

“According to our sources on the ground in Dubai and under the cover of darkness the United Nations appears to have moved one step closer to regulating the Internet. The United States government and the free citizens of the world must pay attention and let their voices be heard before this harmful action is finalized this week.

“Millions of people across the globe have rejected the proposed U.N. takeover of the Internet. The U.S. Congress in a strong bipartisan manner, voted to unanimously oppose the ITU’s intervention in the governance of the Internet. But the ITU efforts tonight may forever alter the free and open multi-stakeholder governance model under which the Internet has thrived.

“The Internet is one of the greatest engines for economic growth, freedom and prosperity the world has ever known. The unique nature of the Internet – free from government control and governed by multiple stakeholders – has unleashed unprecedented entrepreneurialism, creativity, innovation, and freedom far beyond imagination. Preserving a free Internet for all people is essential to the preservation of political and economic liberty.

“The Internet Association is strongly opposed to ITU efforts to regulate the Internet and urges Member States to ensure it is not included in the final treaty text. We urge the Internet community to join together to stop this imminent threat to Internet freedom.”