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Internet Association And Congressman G. K. Butterfield Visit Murfreesboro, NC To Discuss The Local Impact Of The Internet On Community Groups and Small Businesses

Murfreesboro, NC – Internet Association (IA) and Congressman G. K. Butterfield (D-NC) will meet with small businesses and community organizations today in Murfreesboro, North Carolina as part of an “Internet Community Crawl” to highlight the important role of the internet in allowing small businesses to flourish in rural communities and nationwide. 

“The Murfreesboro community and main street businesses are more connected to each other and the world than ever before because of the internet,” said Sean Perryman, IA Director of Diversity and Inclusion. “Today’s crawl showcases how rural America can thrive in the 21st century information economy with affordable and accessible internet service. IA appreciates Rep. Butterfield’s leadership on working to close the connectivity gap for underserved communities.”

IA and Rep. Butterfield will visit four local businesses and community organizations in Murfreesboro to hear how they use the internet to grow their businesses, meet new customer demands, and strengthen community ties. The internet economy adds nearly 75,000 jobs and more than $22 billion to North Carolina’s economy.

“Internet access has become increasingly essential for the success and expansion of our small businesses and for improved quality of life for our communities. Though high-speed internet has propelled the 21st-century economy forward, it hasn’t taken every American along with it,” said Rep. Butterfield. “Across our country, 24 million people lack access to high speed internet, and millions of families simply can’t afford it. I am a proud member of the Congressional Task Force on Rural Broadband which works to ensure that underserved communities in North Carolina and across the country have universal access to reliable and affordable broadband. As we in Congress act to improve our nation’s infrastructure, we must also work together to address the digital divide and achieve our goal of a fully connected rural America. I am excited and encouraged to witness firsthand the positive impact of internet access for my constituents and our small business communities in North Carolina’s First District.”

The crawl will highlight the following local businesses and community organizations:

  • Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce – Murfreesboro’s business association that brings together business owners and community stakeholders to promote growth and development of local businesses by focusing on issues shaping the region’s future. The Chamber utilizes social media platforms like Facebook to coordinate events, local business communications, and community partnerships. 
  • Elizabeth S. Parker Memorial Library – A center for residents of Murfreesboro and surrounding counties to connect and engage with a vast collection of literature. The library uses the internet to develop a digital catalogue and website to organize a variety of events hosted annually. It’s also a resource for Murfreesboro residents to access the internet who may not have it at home.
  • Elicia Revelle Realty – A top real estate business in the Murfreesboro area, serving the entire northern North Carolina region. Owner Elicia Revelle depends on the internet to connect with buyers and sellers every day, and she uses social media platforms to promote open houses, local events, and community partnerships to boost her brand. 
  • Tavern 125 – A local restaurant and bar frequented by the Murfreesboro community. Tavern 125 brings together families from all over town through outdoor live music and holiday-themed events. The restaurant uses the internet to inform and engage with the local community by posting on its social media platform its daily specials, organized events, and stories of his employees to establish direct lines of communication with customers.