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Internet Association And Rep. Drew Ferguson Join Small Businesses And Community Organizations In LaGrange To Explore Local Impact Of The Internet

“LaGrange demonstrates just how important the internet is for businesses and community organizations on main street.”

Michael Beckerman., IA President & CEO

LaGrange, GA – Today, Internet Association (IA) and Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA), will meet with small businesses and community organizations in LaGrange, Georgia as part of an “Internet Community Crawl” to highlight the importance of the internet in helping the community thrive.

“LaGrange demonstrates just how important the internet is for businesses and community organizations on main street,” said IA President & CEO Michael Beckerman. “Today we’re going to see how expanded access to the internet empowered the entire LaGrange community. I’d like to thank Rep. Ferguson for his participation in today’s event, and look forward to finding new ways to empower American small businesses in Georgia and nationwide.”

IA and Rep. Ferguson will visit four local businesses and community organizations in LaGrange to hear how they use the internet to grow their businesses, meet new customer demands, and strengthen their community. The internet economy adds nearly 120,000 jobs and more than $32 billion to Georgia’s economy.

LaGrange became the first city in the world to provide free broadband internet access to all of its residents in the year 2000. More than a quarter of the rural population in the state of Georgia is without high-speed internet access. 

“Broadband opens up a whole new world of educational and career opportunities and is critical to ensuring folks in Georgia’s Third district have access to the same opportunities as the rest of the country,” said Rep. Ferguson. “By providing all residents access to broadband, the LaGrange community has been at the forefront. I am proud to see the progress of local businesses and I will continue to fight for the widespread expansion of broadband.”

The crawl will highlight the following local businesses and organizations:

  • LaGrange Art Museum – A nonprofit organization that features works of art from local, regional, and international artists. They have used the internet to connect with creators around the world and raise funds to support the development and maintenance of the museum.
  • Golden’s Bike Shop – A neighborhood bike shop that serves as a social and fitness hub for biking enthusiasts in the area. Golden’s uses Facebook to share community event updates, form partnerships, and strengthen the close-knit biking community in LaGrange.
  • Tulla White Cuisine & Catering – A local caterer that serves a variety of events, weddings, and parties across the greater Troup County region. Tulla White recently revamped their website to accommodate the growing demand for online orders and improve customer support.
  • Wild Leap Brew Co – An award-winning local brewery known for community events, a spacious tasting room for tours, and an outdoor beer garden frequented by LaGrange residents. Wild Leap Brew Co has used the internet to connect and share stories with other local breweries while growing their social media channels to enhance brand awareness.