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Notarize Joins Internet Association

Notarize’s 21st Century approach to document management will continue to pioneer growth for the domestic economy and the internet ecosystem at-large”.

Jon Berroya

Washington, DC – Today, Internet Association is excited to welcome Notarize as its newest member. Notarize is the first platform to enable people to sign and notarize documents online, 24/7. From adopting a child to buying or selling a home or car or making financial plans for the future, Notarize’s products and services are digitizing and rewiring industries to bring trust to life and business’ most important moments and make them more convenient, secure, and verifiable.

Notarize’s platform mirrors an in-person notarization, but leverages the power of the internet to bring online notary services to all Americans, 24/7, regardless of location. Whether in a vibrant urban city or a small rural community, anyone across all 50 states can have a document notarized any time of day or night in just a few minutes. This convenience is also extended to American expats or citizens traveling abroad. Notarize’s innovative model allows for Americans to find and leverage legally-commissioned notaries almost instantly, wherever they are. 

“We commend Notarize’s contributions to the digital space and look forward to a partnership focused on promoting policies that protect Notarize users as well as the broader online community,” said IA Interim CEO & President Jon Berroya. “Notarize’s 21st Century approach to document management will continue to pioneer growth for the domestic economy and the internet ecosystem at-large”.

Over the course of the pandemic, Notarize’s services have been recognized by publications such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal for their hand in digitizing processes that have traditionally been manual and in-person. Notarize has partnered with legendary innovator Adobe to power notarizations on their massive Adobe Sign platform, and is powering the digitization and continuity of business for Fortune 100 companies like TIAA and Transamerica, among many others across multiple industries. 

“Internet Association is a natural fit for Notarize’s mission to help people execute transactions for the most important moments of their lives while building trust in digital services. The pandemic accelerated the rate at which industries and individuals digitized their lives, and highlighted the need for access to digital services for both safety and security, not just convenience,” said Nicole Booth, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs at Notarize. “We deeply appreciate the Internet Association forum for discussion on broad technology issues and look forward to participating in broad public policy activity and the state and federal levels. Our missions align, and Notarize believes all consumers and communities should have the options to use digital services and platforms, like ours, and we’ve set a mission to strategically assist in bridging the digital divide in an increasingly digital society.”