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Statement On The Importance Of Protecting User Data Online

Washington, DC – Internet Association President & CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the importance of protecting user data online:

“I commend Mark Zuckerberg for his candor and leadership, and we stand by Facebook as they take tangible steps to improve the platform. This is a challenging issue and acknowledging past mistakes is a first, important step in rebuilding trust. Facebook is taking actions to fix the problem, and I’m confident they are up to the challenge.

“Maintaining the privacy and security of users has always been and remains a top priority of the internet industry. It is the responsibility of platforms to clearly explain how people’s information is used and protect their data. People’s trust and comfort with our products and services is fundamental to the success of the internet, and the internet industry is committed to providing people information and tools to make informed choices about how their personal information is used, seen, and shared online.”