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Statement On Justice Against Malicious Algorithms Act

IA President and CEO K. Dane Snowden issued the following statement in response to the introduction of the Justice Against Malicious Algorithms Act: 

“Algorithms are crucial to the benefits the internet provides. They enable sending email, shopping online, messaging friends, recommending shows to stream, or building a playlist of your music. Algorithms are also often the answer to improving and addressing content challenges. Since no single algorithm determines what content users see and how it is ultimately displayed, any legislation that exposes the use of algorithms to liability risk may unintentionally disrupt the many systems in place that protect consumers from potentially harmful content. No amount of good intention can compensate for the harmful ramifications of a bill that includes overly broad and unworkable definitions. Internet companies work constantly to fine tune the algorithms that keep pace with changing tactics of bad actors, making frequent adjustments as often as daily — or even multiple times a day — if a new challenge arises. We share the goal of a safe internet and want to work with House Energy and Commerce Committee leadership to mitigate risk and protect consumers. We will remain engaged with Congress as we continue to innovate and improve the systems in place to safeguard Americans online.”