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In 2019, Internet Association (IA) launched its inaugural Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) benchmark report to provide first-of-its-kind workforce data for companies in the internet industry. In 2020, IA worked with its member companies to explore year-over-year trends and growth in the industry. With each instance of this report, IA hopes to provide details on new and emerging trends. In this second iteration, IA identified the need to set definitional standards around workforce terminology and collected data on immigration and the impact of H-1B visa restrictions.


Philanthropic giving to organizations serving underrepresented populations increased from 41% to 71%


Corporate D&I representation goals increased from 41% to 52%


Recruiting from Hispanic-Serving Institutions increased from 41% to 62%


Tracking of D&I supplier spending increased from 22% to 43%


Employee Resource Groups remains at 81%


48% of IA companies reported difficulty hiring people using H-1B visas under rules enacted during the Trump Administration

IA members understand the importance of transparency. Many regularly publish reports and workforce data to examine and improve the impact of D&I efforts within their own companies and the broader industry.