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The internet industry has always been committed to supporting students, families, and educators to bridge the digital gap in education. Internet Association (IA) member companies understand the crucial role they have in ensuring online learning is successful and accessible for all students during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Internet companies invest in resources and partnerships that help promote a productive online learning experience for students, families, and educators. Internet companies:

Partner with organizations

such as the Puget Sound Community and the College Board to donate laptops and set up laptop drives to increase online learning accessibility.

Partner with NYC Department of Education and nonprofits

around the country to deliver free meals to immunocompromised students and those who qualify for free or subsidized meals.

Host online forums and resource hubs

for educators to build a community, discuss online learning challenges, and share tips on how to stay mentally healthy in the classroom.

Create specialized tools

to help administrators and teachers survey students and parents for feedback to improve online learning.

Offer new features

including attendance tracking, reminder widgets, and reviewing and editing tools, all of which enable students and educators to maximize online learning.

Provide free access to subscription products and services

, webinars on transitioning to online learning, and resource guides for general online learning tips for educators and students.

Internet companies recognize their platforms are integral to creating a successful online learning experience for students and educators all across the country. The industry remains committed to bridging the digital gap in education during the pandemic and beyond by pursuing partnerships, developing specialized features, and launching initiatives that promote online learning for all.