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Statement on Fight For The Future’s “Betrayal” Billboards

Washington, DC – Internet Association President & CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on Fight for the Future’s “betrayal” billboards:

“Fight for the Future’s latest efforts on net neutrality are unacceptable. Accusing a Member of Congress of ‘betrayal’ while he’s recovering in the hospital is despicable. This type of advocacy is not what Internet Association and our member companies stand for. Whip Scalise is an honorable and hard working Member of Congress and I consider him a friend. We look forward to having a spirited policy conversation with him when he’s back at 100% and continue to hope for his speedy recovery.

Net neutrality is vital to our economy and while we strongly support the rules on the books at the FCC, we have also indicated a willingness to work with Congress to ensure strong enforceable net neutrality rules are left intact. In contrast, the tactics being used by Fight for the Future are not constructive. It is disingenuous for Fight for the Future to oppose working with Congress on legislation, while at the same time attacking members of Congress on this issue.”


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