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Statement On The Trump Administration’s Intent To Negotiate Trade Agreements With The EU, Japan, And The UK

Washington, DC – IA Director, Trade Policy Jordan Haas released the following statement on the Trump Administration’s announcement of its intent to negotiate three new trade agreements with the EU, Japan, and the UK:

“American digital laws and policies are central to America’s economic success. The U.S. should advocate for an American digital policy framework that will strengthen our economy, create American jobs, and build on our $160 billion digital trade surplus in these new trade agreements. These new agreements offer an opportunity to ensure America sets key rules of the road for the internet sector, which is the fastest-growing sector of our economy and represents millions of jobs and more than 6 percent of GDP.

“Strong provisions in the USMCA on information flows, prohibitions on forced data localization, and intermediary liability protections offer a clear blueprint for future agreements. USTR should also advocate for other parts of America’s digital policy framework like innovation-oriented copyright provisions and streamlined customs and trade facilitation rules that enable small businesses to use the internet to export American products around the world.”


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