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President & CEO
Director, Federal Government Affairs
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Headshot of Sera Crasta
Data & Computer Scientist
Headshot of Colleen Daley
Director, State Government Affairs, Midwest Region
Headshot of Rose Feliciano
Director, State Government Affairs, Northwest Region
Vice President for Legal & Policy Affairs and Associate General Counsel
Senior Vice President, Head of Global Government Affairs
Director, Communications
Headshot of Patrick Hills
Creative & Design Director
Director, State Government Affairs, Southern Region
Headshot of Dylan Hoffman
Director, Government Affairs, State of California
Director, Federal Government Affairs
Senior Vice President, Global Communications and Public Affairs
Headshot of Alexandra McLeod
Legal & Policy Counsel
Director, Federal Government Affairs
Senior Vice President, State Government Affairs
General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Legal and Policy Affairs
Manager, Communications
Government Affairs Specialist