IA’s team is dedicated to fostering innovation, promoting economic growth, and empowering people through the free and open internet. As the voice of the world’s leading internet companies, we bring decades of experience in the public and private sector to this mission.

Michael Beckerman

President & CEO

Michael Bloom

Director, Federal Government Affairs

Dusty Brighton

Vice President, State Government Affairs

Robert Callahan

Executive Director, California

Ari Giovenco

Trade & International Policy

Scott Haber

Senior Communications Manager

Patrick Hills

Senior Creative Content Manager

Chris Hooton

Chief Economist

Lauren Kimzey

State & Local Government Affairs Manager

Ellen Schrantz

Senior Director, Government Affairs & Counsel

Abigail Slater

General Counsel

John Olsen

Executive Director, State of New York

Audrey Porter

Director, Office Operations and Executive Assistance

Noah Theran

Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications