Michael Beckerman

President & CEO

Jon Berroya

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Michael Bloom

Senior Director, Federal Government Affairs

Robert Callahan

Vice President, State Government Affairs

Melika Carroll

Senior Vice President, Global Government Affairs

Mahsau Daee

Senior Communications Manager

Rose Feliciano

Director, State Government Affairs, Northwest Region

Jordan Haas

Director, Trade Policy

Scott Haber

Director, Communications

Patrick Hills

Creative & Design Director

Chris Hooton

Chief Economist

Rebecca Kalant

Graphic Designer

Lauren Kimzey

Senior Manager, Local Government Affairs and CA Political Affairs

Mike Lemon

Director, Federal Government Affairs and Counsel

Kevin McKinley

Director, California Government Affairs

Amy Murphy

Manager, Federal Government Affairs

John Olsen

Director, State Government Affairs, Northeast Region

Sean Perryman

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Counsel

Audrey Porter

Director, Office Operations and Executive Assistance

Noah Theran

Senior Vice President, Global Public Affairs & Communications