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Our Team

Katy Caballero

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Katy Caballero is the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Internet Association in Washington, DC.

Most recently, Katy worked at Whiteboard Advisors, an education policy firm in Washington, DC, where she supported both the Co-Founder/Chief Advocacy Officer and the SVP of the Strategic Communications practice, as well as served as the resident health and wellness expert and coordinator for the team.

Katy has undergraduate degrees in General Communication and Spanish, a Master’s in Health and Fitness, and her PhDs in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, all from Purdue University. Her academic achievements, however, pale in comparison to her most practiced and perfected talent: deep cleaning her home.

When she is not working or deep cleaning, you can find Katy doing something active outdoors, watching a Law and Order SVU rerun, or enjoying a glass of wine at a local restaurant in her neighborhood.