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Our Team

Patrick Hills

Creative & Design Director

Headshot of Patrick Hills

Patrick has more than a decade of experience creating campaigns for small businesses, nonprofits, and political campaigns. As a “full-stack” designer he brings his development experience into the design process early on to create a more effective end product by utilizing the latest ideas, tools, and methodology from the development community. He believes that the advent of the internet ushered in the great egalitarian age, allowing anyone with a device to learn about, create, and build what’s next, and is infinitely excited to be a part of protecting and growing this invaluable tool.

Prior to joining IA, Patrick worked at GMMB as their Digital Designer and Developer, responsible for developing new workflows and best practices for content-first web design and development while creating digital assets and websites for a diverse array of organizations such as: The American Beverage Association, The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Consumer Healthcare Products Association, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, The World Bank, and the Center for International Reproductive Health.

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